Probate of James Copeland-Sept 1859

Submitted by Mary Ann Copeland-Sitton

SOURCE: Blount Co., Al Probate Records 1856-1866 Page# 153. Currently located at Blount Co., Al Courthouse in Oneonta. Note from transcriber-The character * is used to indicate illegable letters.

"Estate of JAMES COPELAND, dec. -Probate Court Sept 1859- Grant of Letters-This day the 3rd day of October 1859 came YELVERTON C. COPELAND who on the 30th day of September 1859 made his bond & also application to grant him Letters of Administration on said decedent ** ** as next of kin, & is appearing to the satisfaction of the court that COLISTA A. COPELAND, the widow of the deceased here in open court relinquishes her *** as wi*** is administer on said estate. It is therefore ordered that the said YELVERTON C. COPELAND be & he is hereby appointed Administrator of said estate. It is further ordered that he enter into bond in the p**** i ** of twenty thousand dollars: whereupon said YELVERTON C. COPELAND,each WILLIAM GRAVES, MARTIN HUDSON,VESTAL BUSON[?], REUBEN SANDERS, & COLISTA A. COPELAND as his securities a*****[looks like 'ordered'?] nets bond as afore conditioned as the law in such cases directs. Which said bond is de***ed good & sufficient & is hereby approved & ordered to be filed & secondary, It is further ordered that letters of administration on said deceased estate issue to the said Y. C. COPELAND & he same be fixed *****ded, A** in MURPHREE. MARTIN HUDSON & ALEXANDER J. [or G.] **OODS [looks like 'HOODS'] "