Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery

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Surnames listed on the first site are:
Adcock, Akins, Alldredge, Allen, Bailey, Ballard, Ballew, Barnes, Beard, Brooks, Brown, McCullough, Burns, Byrum, Campbell, Carruth, Casey, Chattin, Childers, Cleveland, Cochran, Cofield, Cosby, Cox, Criswell, Danehower, Decker, Dendy, Dodd, Ellis, Ellison, Elrod, Entrekin, Faucett, Fleming, Fountain, Freeman, Garmany, Gipson, Green, Hall, Harris, Hawkins, Hays, Helton, Higgins, Hogeland, Holcome, Holliday, Holmes, Hopper, Horton, Huffstutler, Ingram, Inmon, Jackson, Kellett, Kelly, Kelsoe, Kennedy, King, Kinney, Kirby, Klein, Korne, Lamb, Langston, Laughlin, Lockhart, Lynch, Lynn, McDowell, Miller, Moore, Morton, Neumann, Noblitt, Odum, Ogles, Osborn, O'Steen, Pack, Painter, Parrish, Phillips, Posey, Powell, Pruett, Rainwater, Ramsey, Ray, Reidy, Ridgeway, Robbins, Scruggs, Simmons, Skipper, Smith, Snell, Sorsby, Spivey, Stevenson, Stone, Thrasher, Tuck, Vice, Vick, Vicks, Walker, Wallace, Whitely, Whitlock, Wigley, Williams, Wilson, Witt, Wood, Woods, Wright, Young

Surnames listed on second site are:
Adcock, Ballard , Barnes , Byrum , Campbell , Cleveland , Decker , Entrekin , Freeman , Green , Holmes, Huffstutler , Jackson , Kirby , Lynn , Moore, Morton, Odum , Osborne , Rudgeway, Whitley, Williams, Young