William H. Musgrove

Alabama: Her History, Resources, Ware Record, and Public Men. From 1540 To 1872. Chapter 16

Of the more prominent citizens of Blount, William H. Musgrove deserves remembrance. He was born in Georgia, January 15, 1796; but his parents removed to South Carolina the year after, and to Cock County, Tennessee in 1807. In 1818 he came to Alabama, and taught school near Elyton a year, then continued that vocation in this county for several years. In 1828 he represented the county in the lower house of the legislature, and was five times re-elected; serving also three years in the senate. He was also elected judge of the county court by the legislature, but declined the honor. In 1856 he was ordained a minister of the gospel, at Mount Tabor church. He led a company to the Creek frontier in 1836, and in 1861 was chosen captain of a company, which he led to Pensacola. While in the service there he died, March 6, 1862, and his remains are interred in Mount Tabor church-yard. Colonel Musgrove as he was called from a militia title was a plain man, of great moral worth. He led a holy life as a minister of God, and his conduct towards his fellow-man was exemplary in the highest degree. He married a daughter of Rev. John Fowler, and has numerous relatives in Blount. Rev. P.M. Musgrove, of this county, who received a very complimentary vote for congress in 1861, is his nephew.