Esther W. Gillespie Harrison Cheshire

Submitted by Terry Jackson
Data researched by Rosann M. Orewyler

Esther W. Gillespie, daughter of David and Mary Gillespie, was born on 5-10-1815 in Abbeville, SC. She married Greenberry H. Harrison 7-24-1831 in Blount Co., AL. The marriage produced Joseph D. Harrison, b. 7-28-1832 and James H. Harrison, b. 6-17-1834, who died as a child. The marriage deteriorated and the Harrisons filed for a separation on 11-9-1835 in Blount Co., AL.

It appears that both Esther and Greenberry were under the impression they were divorced. Greenberry married Ann C. McKinstry 1-14-1841 in the home of Mirabeau Lamar, President of the Republic of Texas. Esther married Andrew Springer 12-27-1842 in Blount Co., AL. It is unclear how it was concluded that no divorce had ever occurred, but Esther Harrison filed a Bill of Divorce from G.H. Harrison in Blount Co., AL on 2-7-1853.

It is also unclear what happened to Andrew Springer. Esther is listed as Esther Harrison on the 1850 Blount Co., AL census and Springer is nowhere in the picture. It is interesting to note that John B. Cheshire is living in the household. Four years later she became Mrs. John B. Cheshire on 3-12-1854.

Esther died 11-26-1866 in Blount Co., AL. She is probably buried in the vicinity of the Nectar community, known at the time as Tidmore.