Larkin Bales

Submitted by Linda

Larkin Bales war born Mar 13, 1808, in Edgefield South Carolina. He enlisted at age 56years in B.H. Ford's Randolph County Alabama Reserves during the Civil War, Form his War record: Eyes dark, Hair dark, Complexion dark, Height 5 ft 11 in. He died Apr 24, 1891. He married Susan Dempsey born Feb 21, 1818, died before 1900. They are buried in the Hood Cemetery Blount County Alabama


John W. born 1835 was a Private in the 14th Alabama Infantry Company F. no other information

Robert Newton born Feb 17, 1837, died Jan 1, 1915, married Martha Jane Hearn, he enlisted in the 17th Alabama Infantry Company E. He is buried in the Graves Cemetery Blount County

Martha Elizabeth born Jun 24, 1840, died Mar 16, 1921, married Pleasant S. Nixon, buried Pleasant Grove Randolph County Alabama

Elizabeth born 1843, died 1921, married Basil Barney Williams buried Antioch Cemetery Blount County

Burrell C. born 1845, died 1913, married Sylvana Berry, buried Hood Cemetery Blount County

David J. born Apr 13, 1849, died Apr 14, 1889, married Celia Bicknell, buried Hood Cemetery Blount County

Sarah Caroline born 1851 married John L. Bicknell in Blount County

Mary N. born 1855, died 1906, married William Pate

Lucinda J. born 1857 married Elijah Wynn in Blount County

Roxanne born 1859, died 1889, married John Suttles, buried Salem Cemetery Blount County

James H. born Dec 16, 1862, died Oct 6, 1942, married Margaret Dempsey, buried Hood Cemetery Blount County

1850 Randolph County Census:

Bales, Larkin 44GA
Bales, Susan 30GA
Bales, John 15GA
Bales, Newton 13GA
Bales, Martha 9AL
Bales, Elizabeth 7AL
Bales, Burrell 5AL
Bales, David J 3AL
Bales, Elizabeth 65SC

Next Door:

McKeever, David M 60SC

1860 Randolph County Census:

Bales, Larkin 55SC
Bales, Susan 42GA
Bales, John W 22GA
Bales, Elizabeth 17AL
Bales, Burrell C 15AL
Bales, David C 11AL
Bales, Sarah 9AL
Bales, Mary 7AL
Bales, Lucinda 3AL
Bales, Roxanna 1AL
Keever, David 62NC [Uncle?]