Widow's Pension
Rebecca Self

From Alabama Records, Volume 245, compiled by Kathleen Paul Jones and Pauline Jones Gandrud, June 1979, page 50

Rebecca Self was on 1883 list of pensioners #4,494, residence Blount Co., Ala . . . Photostat . . . Outside fold . . . Act of Feb. 14, 1871.

War of 1812 . . . Rebecca Self, Blountsville, Blount Co., Ala. Widow of William Self Capt. Jas. Berry's Co., Tenn. Militia . . . died August 3, 1846. No. 4494 War of 1812 Widow's Pension . . .
Rebecca Self, Alabama, widow of William Self, Capt. J. Berry's Company, Tenn. Militia, Washington, D.C. Agency
Rate per month $8 commencing February 14,1871
Certificate dated Dec. 23, 1872

The State of Alabama, Blount County
Personally appeared before me, Solomon Parker, J.P.
Rebecca Self, who after being first duly sworn says that record in her possession and from which the following copy was made is the genuine family record, kept for the entry of births, marriages & of the family of William Self, now dead, and Rebecca Self, to wit:
William Self and Rebecca Ward were married July 1st, 1811.

Sarah Self was born 8 day of Apl 1812
Vincent Self was born 14 day of Oct. 1815
Pleasant Self was born 23 day of Apl. 1819
Elizabeth Self was born 12 day of Mar. 1820
Wiley (sic) W. Self was born 23 day of June 1822
John N. Self was born 6 day of Nov. 1825
Jesse Self was born 9 day of Oct. 1830
Delila Self was born 3 day of June 1828
Isaac Self was born 3 day of Feb. 1833
Samuel Self was born 17 day of June 1835
Roda A. Self was born 4 day of Apl. 1839
Rebecca (x, her mark) Self

Sworn to before me this the 19 day of October 1872 after the same was read over and fully explained to affiant.

Declaration of a Widow for Pension under act of February 14, 1871 . . . War of 1812 . . .
State of Alabama, County of Blount

On this third day of Sept. 1872 before J.W. Moore, Judge of Probate, appeared Rebecca Self aged eighty years, resident of Blount County, Alabama. Widow of William Self who was drafted in Captain James Berry's Company, at Washington, Tenn. That she was married under the name of Rebecca WARE to William Self on 1st day of July 1811 by David Murphree, Esq. in "Ray" County, Tennessee; that her husband died at Blountsville, Ala. on 3 day of Aug. 1846

Attest: Charles Loggins, S.M. Loggins

Charles Loggins and William Loggins state that foregoing is a true copy of the family record kept by William Self; that William Self died in this county about the year 1846.