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School Photos

Submitted by Irene Elliott Williams

Below are three different years group school photos from when my grandmother, Clara Harris Elliott, was growing up. She is the only one I can identify in these photos. The photos don't have dates on them but my grandmother was born in 1895 and my best guess on the photos is about 1905 on one and 1910-15 on the other two. In 1900 her family was listed in Blocton on the census and in 1910 they were listed in Six Mile. Perhaps someone else might recognize one of their ancestors. Please let me know if you know who any of these people are!

Bibb 1
Photo 1

Clara Harris is second from the right standing behind the chairs. I believe this picture was probably taken 1905-10.

Bibb 2
Photo 2

Clara Harris is second from the right on the back row. This picture was probably taken 1910-15.

Bibb 3
Photo 3

Savage Creek (near Marvel) Recreation Club

Clara Harris is 5th from the left on the third row. I believe her mother, Rebecca Thrasher Harris is on the back row third from the left.

My sister, Dorothy Amelia Adams, is in the front row wearing a bonnet and stockings. She was born July 11, 1909. Looks to be around 2 1/2 or 3 years old. My mother Mary Venie (Oglesby) Adams is in the back row center, tree trunk background. I have a copy of this photo. I believe it was taken by Albert Lebourg, a Marvel photographer at the time.

Savage Creek was one of those coal mining towns that lasted only a short time. Chas. Adams





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