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Morrison General Store Ledger

Submitted by Oliver Oakley

Mr. Kenith Morison--Kenneth Morrison--Kennith Morrison--all the same person was made Postmaster of Randolph, Bibb Co., AL, when it was established 7 Jan 1839. Kenneth Morrison married Elizabeth Oakley, daughter of Armstead Oakley & Lucy Fitts Oakley, in October 1842. He served in the Alabama House during 1842/43 and 1844/45. Sometime after 1845 and 1850 the Morrison's and segments of several other Bibb County families moved to the Union County, Arkansas area. Most of these families are still represented in Union County, Arkansas.

Kenneth Morrison also operated a general store in the Randolph area during his early years and left his ledger of accounts receivable used during 1838 & 1839 in care of his brother-in-law William Gee Oakley. A lot of the names of customers and their purchases are recorded in the accounts. The spelling of the names by Mr. Morrison is his own system but can be recognized and they reflect where some of our earlier Bibb County citizens were at that time in history. My own Oakley name was Okly. I have left the spelling of the names as best I could read them.

We have Miss Vera Hicks - great-granddaughter of William Gee Oakley to thank for saving this piece of Bibb County history and passing it down to us. - Oliver Oakley

Morrison General Store Ledger, 1838-39

Alphin, James
Alphin, Julis
Armstrong, William
Avery, Jesse
Balard, Jesse
Barott, Walter
Belvin, Elking
Bensen, Arguile
Bird, Gaffen
Bishop, Epraim
Bishop, Malicial
Boolin, Baly
Boolin, Brantly
Boolin, George
Boonum, ?
Boyd, David S.
Bradford, John
Brown, Enoch
Brown, Jesse
Brown, John
Bruse, William
Bruse, Winsten
Buship, John
Busley, Josiah
Caddell, John
Cally, Clinton B.
Cally, Green
Cally, Voluntine
Cally, Wily
Cash, John
Cash, Thomas
Chandler, James
Chapman, Liddy
Clark, Miller
Colem, Elk
Cook, Silas
Cooker, Noah B.
Cox, Daniel
Cox, Mathew
Cox, Samuel
Cread, Daniel
Crrllwell, John G.
Crumpton, Luke
Crumpton, Jesse
Crumpton, Thomas
Crumpton, William
Daly, William
Davinport, D. H.
Davinport, Joseph
Davinport, Wallson
Davis, Chamlin
Davis, Hardy
Davis, Pascal
Deaton, Mathew
Edwards, Corneilus
Edwards, Jams
Edwards, John
Edwards, Nancy
Edwards, William
Ephrum, Martin
Feurgison, Hulet
Fitts, Henry
Fitts, James
Fitts, Reubin
Fitts, Walker
Fulgin, John
Furgison, James
Furgison, King
Gains, William M.
Garner, Austin
Garner, Jackson
Garner, James
Garner, John
Garner, John D.
Garner, William of A
Garner, William
Garner, William of W
Gentry, Chesly
Goodwin, Elizur? Eli
Green, Joseph
Green, Thomas
Griffen, Benjamin
Griffen, Bird
Griffen, Robert
Hall, William
Harker, Joel
Hedgepth, Jesse
Henderson, M. J. ?
Henderson, Oakley
Hester, Allen
Hester, John
Hicks, Isaac M.
Hicks, John
Hicks, John, Jr.
Horn, Isaac
Howard, Simon
Hubbard, John
Jackson, Thomas
Johnson, Henry
Jones, Bustus
Jones, J.
Jones, William
Kinard, Graham
Kinard, Martin
King, Furgison (see above)
Landers, William
Lathem, Andrew
Lathem, Catherine
Lathem, Cornius
Lathem, Enoch
Lathem, Jesse
Lathem, Johns
Lathem, Rolly
Lathem, Westwood
Lathem William
Larance, Enoch
Larance, John
Larance, Johnathon
Larance, Saly
Larance, William
Leach, Emelia
Leach, Josiah
Leach, George
Leach, Mooses
Lolly, Benjamine
Lolly, John
Lolly, Michael
Lovelady, Elija
Lovelady, William
Mc Cary, Martin
Mc Guirre, Rolly
Mc Right, James
Mc Rimon, James
Mc Askile, John
Manchen, Ecias
Martin, Absolem
Martin, Ephrin
Martin, John
Martin, John, Jr.
Martin, John, Sr.
Mauchan, Edward
Miller, David
Molly, Jacob
Moore, John
Moore, William
Morgan, Nancy
Morgn, William W.
Morison, Kenneth
Mury, Moten
Okly, Armstead
Okly, Reubin
Okly, William
Overturn, Randolph
Parker, Joel
Parmer, Car
Pate, Alfred
Pate, Allen
Pate, Stephen
Pitts, Eleasur
Pitts, Westly
Ray, Charles
Ray, Goodwon
Ray, Hampton
Ray, James
Ray, John
Ray, Luke
Ray, Martha
Ray, Spencer
Richeson, John
Roberts, Julis
Robby, Allen
Rollins, John
Rucker, Burton
Samples, James
Samples, William
Sawyrs, Ansel
Sawyers, Benjamin
Scot, Daniel
Scot, Stephen
Scot, William
Shaw, Daniel
Shaw, Malcum
Shaw, William
Shaw, ???
Ship, Malcum
Shoomaker, Lonig
Sims, L. P.
Sims, Page
Sims, Waren
Sims, William
Smelly, John
Smith, Adam
Smith, Enock
Smith, Jacob
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Paten
Smith, Samuel
Smotherman, Daniel
Smotherman, Gary
Smotherman, Jesse
Smotherman, John, Jr.
Smotherman, John
Smotherman, Joseph
Smotherman, Thomas
Smotherman, William
Smotherman, Wyet
Snider, Amy
Spink, Rolly
Suttle, William
Thompson, Wiley
Tucker, Benjamin
Vanburen?, Tobias
Watly, Ransom
Watly, Richard
Watly, William
Washington, Okly
Weeb, James
Weeb, James, Sr.
Weeb, Jessee
Weeb, Jube
West, William
White, Andrew
Willson, William
Wyle, Colly
Younge, Woodson






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