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Newspapers of Bibb County

Thanks to Don Logan and his search of the Archives for the following newspaper information.


The Bibb Blade (Six Mile), 1879 December 24 - 1890 March 28

The Blocton Enterprise (West Blocton) 1906 August 25 - 1944 December 7, Missing issues: 1934-1939

The Central Enquirer (Centreville), 1860 May 12

The Centreville Press (Centreville), 1898 January 12 - 1999 December 29, Missing issues: 1982

The County Press (Centreville), 1896 January 2 - 1898 April 28. Missing issues: 1897

People's Reflector (Centreville), 1892 September 22 - November 10

Newspaper Articles

Outlaws Killed - Hunted by Law Officers for the Murder of a Deputy Sheriff
Birmingham, Ala., Sept. 15.-Bart Thrasher, the notorious Bib County outlaw, and his pal, known as "Dock" Panther, but whose real identity is unknown, were killed by Deputy Sheriffs Henry Cole and J. Ball of this city, near Herz Creek, Walker County, at dark last evening. Ever since the murder of Deputy Sheriff Griffin ____ at Blocton, three weeks ago, Cole and Ball have been on the hunt for the outlaws, for whom a large reward was outstanding. [Utica (NY) Daily Union, Sept 15, 1896]

Selma, Ala., June 25.-Incited by jealousy, Sam Houston, a negro, attacked Joe Scott, also a negro. Scott killed Houston and was afterward lynched by a mob near Randolph, Bibb County. [Source: Watertown (NY) Daily Times, June 25, 1904]






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