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Charles Smith

Submitted by Jacque Otts

Below is information from the Widows Application of Eliza Smith (daughter of William Wiley and Nancy {Caudle} Deason). Eliza Deason and Charles Smith (son of Archibald B. and Susannah {Reach} Smith) were married on March 20, 1847, in Bibb Co., Alabama. The household of Charles Smith can be found on the 1850 and 1860 census for Bibb County.


For Relief by Widows of Confederate Soldiers or Sailors, under Act approved February 13, 1891.

County of Tuskaloosa

Personally appeared before me Wm. G. Crochran Judge of Probate in and for said County, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith (her mark) who, being duly sworn, upon oath, says that her husband, Charles Smith, was a Private in Company B of 44th Regiment of Alabama; that he came to his death from -?- wounds received or disease contracted in the service of the Confederate States, and that his death occurred during the late war or within five years thereafter; that she has not since remarried; that she was a resident of Alabama on the 13th day of February, 1891, and is a resident at the date of this application; and that her taxable property does not exceed four hundred dollars in value.

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 4th day Eliza Smith (her mark)
of February 1892.
Wm. G. Cochran

County of Tuskaloosa

I hereby certify that satisfactory proof has been made before me of the truth of the allegations set forth in the above affidavit, and that I believe Mrs. Eliza Smith is entitled to relief under the Act approved February 13th, 1891, and that the duplicate of the foregoing application and affidavit is on file in my office.
Given under my hand this the 4th day of February, 1892

Wm. G. Cochran
Judge of Probate of Tuskaloosa County,


Under Act for Relief of Needy Confederate Soldiers and Sailors, Residents of Alabama, Who From Wounds or Other Cause, Are Unable to Earn a Livelihood, And For The Widows of Such as Were Killed or Died in Said War and Have Not Since Re-Married, Under Act Approved February 13th, 1891, And As Amended Februayr 18th, 1895.

County of Tuscaloosa

Personally appeared before me, B. H. Williams in and for said County, Mrs. Eliza Smith who being by me duly sworn, deposes and says under oath: That she is the widow of Charley Smith: That her said husband was a Private in company B of 44 Regiment Ala Infantry and, that he did not desert the service of this State or Confederate States:
That he was killed or died of disease or from wounds during the war, and while in the military or naval service of this State, or of the Confederate States; or, That he died within five years after the close of the war, and from wounds received therein: That she has not since re-married: That she was on the 13th day of February, 1891, and is now a resident of Alabama, and her post office address is Cottondale: That her taxable property consists of: Nothing, and is not worth in the aggregate more than five hundred dollars; and that her salary or gross income does not amount to five hundred dollars per year.
And she hereby makes application for relief under said Act.

Sworn to and Subscribed before me on this Eliza Smith (her mark)
3 day of Feb., 1896.
B. H. Williams
Judge Probate

After an examination and investigation of the within application, we report that the said applicant is worthy and recommend that the application be received.
June 9, 1896 H. F. Hill
J. M. Daniel
I find the above application H. H. Cribbs
Is in due form, and approve
the same. Board of Examiners

B. H. Williams, Judge of Probate

Witness Affidavits were signed by John W. Hubbard and Henry Owens.





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