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62nd AL Inf., Co. A "Lockhart's Cadets"

The following are men that served in this company.  If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please use the link below to submit so I can add them to the "Soldiers" section.  These names came from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System. 

Lockhart Cadets - From Bibb & Perry Counties

Capt. J. L. Davidson's Co., AL Inf.; afterwards Co. "A", 1st AL Reserves

Capt.  William C. Ward; wounded at Spanish Fort; captured at Blakely.
William C. Ward who became Commander of the company after Davidson was promoted to Major. Cpt. Ward had served as a private soldier in the 4th Alabama Infantry. He was severely wounded in an assault on the 1st US Sharpshooters on Little Roundtop at Gettysburg. He was sent home to recover and thereafter joined Davidson's Co. of  Reserves (Dec. 63). The enlisted men of this Company, Battalion and regiment were made up of youths 17 and younger (some as young as 14). The officers were mainly veterans of other regiments who had been wounded (as was Ward) or discharged for illness. Davidson had been a Captain in the 11th Ala Inf. - Roger Brothers

Ashley Henry
Atcherson/Atcheson  John
Avery Lee
Bachelor J.
Bairfield A.D.
Balay J.A.
Barnett S.C.
Barnett William A.
Barnett William F./ L.
Barns A.A.
Bennett William
Bledsoe N.S.
Brazel J.L.
Brazell John D.
Broadhead George W.
Broadhead T.W.
Broadman G.W.
Browning John
Burns Thomas P.
Caldwell William
Campbell Daniel W.
Campbell L.W.
Casey James T.
Casey Thomas
Cash J.B.
Cash John P.
Cates John M.
Clark F.P.
Clements J.W.
Cocke Fleming G.
Cook William A.
Cooper George W.
Cox Thomas J.
Cross J.W.
Cross James M.
Cross Wesley
Cross William M.
Cummings Dennis
Curry James B.
Davidson James L.
Didlake Samuel D.
Didloke S.D.
Dulap Ezekiel
Dunlap E.H.
Dunlap Ezekiel
Dye William E.
Dyer W.E.
Eddins Simeon A.
Edings S.A.
Edwards W.
Fagan E.A.
Fagan Edward
Fancher James Y.
Fancher Pleasant H.
Farington J.D.
Farington Josiah
Faucher Y.
Ferrington Josiah
Finch J.W.
Fincher J.T.
Fincher P.H.
Fluker J.S.
Foshee William L.
Fulmer W.F.
Gallen W.A.
Garrison Flavious J.
Gibson C.
Goodhu David P.
Goodhue D.P.
Grace Baylis E.
Green Robert J.
Hamrie Thomas
Hanecutt W.
Hanson William R.
Harrell John M.
Hays Andrew W.
Hays John N.
Hicks Thomas
Hill Robert D.
Hinckell J.
Hinkle John
Hinnick S.
Hirrick T.
Honeycutt William L.
Huff J.N.
Huff John M.
Hunicutt W.H.
Hunnecutt W.
Jarman J. L.
Jarman John
Jennings J.W.
Jones Charles
Kellum William A.
King D.L.
Kinley Thomas Y.
Klinck C.W.
Kliner Crauford
Klinet C.W.
Lamley E. W.
Lathan James
Lee Columbus P.
Lee J. P.
Lemley Ephriam
Lemly Ephriam
Lloyd William J.
Loyd W.J.
Luden L.
Ludon L.
Luten Louis
Luther A.J.
Luther Jones
Luton Lewis
Mackeleny W.D.
Martin F.A.
McCaw James A.
McGraw Oliver
McLaughlin William D.
McMullen Robert
Melton A.L.
Melton Albert
Micent Joshir
Milam Thomas
Milem T. M.
Moore M.W.
Moore Martin W.
Moore W.M.
Moseley William D.
Muncher George
Name G.W.
Nelms L. Hardy
Newnan P.T.
Palmer John
Palmer John H.
Perkins Jacob
Posey Pink
Price I.R.
Rachels Alexander
Raglan W.
Raglin William C.
Ray Samuel
Reach Jr. Jeremiah M.
Reach Sr. Jeremiah M.
Reece Add H.
Reed James M.
Richards Gabriel M.
Richards J.M.
Robinson Arthur
Rogers William A.
Rolins J.
Rublddeys L. M.
Rublddys L. M.
Rutledge A. B.
Savage Charles
Scott David M.
Sells J.H.
Sherbert Samuel D.
Shous Ben
Shous J.B.
Showers J.B.
Shows James B.
Shropshier Robert
Shropshur Robert
Sills James
Smith John C.
Smith Rufus D.
Smitherman Jasper
Smitherman William J.
Stephens Mat.
Stephens William
Stewart J.L.
Stewart J.S.
Stewart John T.
Summer J.S.
Summers G.S.
Sumner Truman L.
Tidwell Albert
Trott W.R.
Trott Wiley
Walker James
Wallace J.M.
Wallace Monroe J.
Ward Augustus M.
Ward James I.
Ward William C., wounded at Spanish Fort; captured at Blakely.
Ware George W.
Waters Francis M.
Waters M.
Watkins Frank B.
Wharters D.I.
Whatley David A.J.
Whatly L.J.
White J.M.
Wilcox Robert T.
Williams James P.
Williams P.
Wilson Augustus
Wilson E.D.
Womack William
Womble P.
Wommack W.
Wood F.
Wood Joseph F.
Wood Joseph L.
Woodall J.M.
Wormack Wm.
Yager Robert M.
Yakjer Robert M.
Yeager Robert M.
Young J.P.
Young John





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