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44th Alabama Infantry, Co. B
"Scottsville Guards"

The following men are in the 44th Inf., Co. B. If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please use the link below to submit and I will add them to the "Soldiers" section.

Abson, David A. 3rd Cpl.

Abston, John W. Pvt.

Allen, Coleman, Pvt.

Allen, Drury C., Pvt.

Allen, Mallimore J., Pvt.

Ambrose, Guston, 2nd Lt.

Ashworth, Marion B., Pvt.

Bankston, Wilson L., Pvt.

Bates, Hiram H., Pvt.

Berry, James W., 1st Cpl.

Blackstone, Thomas, Pvt.

Bracknell, Aquilla, Pvt.

Bracknell, Archibald, Pvt.

Bracknell, William, Pvt.

Brown, Daniel, Pvt. [Researcher's Note: Vet# 11998 (enlisted, aged 19; discharged for disability, 6 Dec 63) Though he was discharged in 63 he is listed as "Active" through 65. Danial James Brown enlisted in the 44th Alabama Regiment Co. B at the start of the war. He was born in January of 1842 in Jackson Mississippi where he ran a plantation with his father. He married Laura Rosanna Booth June 29, 1896. He died in Sevier Co. Arkansas Aug. 21, 1916 and was survived by his wife until her death on July 21, 1935. His Grand Daughter and Great Grandson Live in Glennville CA.]

Brown, Lewis D., Capt.

Brown, Lewis L., Capt.

Brown, William W., Pvt.

Bunn, James L. T., Pvt.

Burns, Hiram L., 1st Cpl.

Campbell, William, Pvt.

Canterbury, Jefferson D., Pvt.

Canterbury, Nicholas J., Pvt.

Carey, R. E., Lt.

Carleton, Layafette H., 4th Sgt.

Carlisle, William Thomas, Pvt.

Chesser, James Z., Sgt.

Clark, James, J., Pvt.

Cobb, Samuel W., Pvt.

Colbert, Thomas W., Pvt.

Deason, James W., Pvt.

Deason, John Columbus, 5th Sgt.

Ellison, James, Pvt.

Fancher, James Worthy, Pvt.

Fancher, Leonard B., Pvt.

Fancher, Pleasant F. W., 5th Sgt.

Frederick, Simpson U., 2nd Sgt.

Frederick, Simpson W., Pvt.

Fulgham, Anthony, Pvt.

Fuller, William R., Pvt.

Gandy, Harvey M., 2nd Cpl.

Goodson, James H., Pvt.

Goodson, Joab, Capt.

Goodson, Rufus G., 4th Sgt.

Griffin, John G., Pvt.

Harkey, Reuben C., Pvt.

Hill, James M., 1st. Lt.

Hubbard, Benjamin H., Pvt.

Hubbard, Calvin, 1st Cpl.

Hubbard, James K. P., Pvt.

Hubbard, John W., Pvt.

Hubbard, Minor C., Pvt.

Hubbard, Samuel, Pvt.

Hubbard, Stephen M., Pvt.

Jarman, Emanuel W., Pvt.

Jones, John Archibald, Capt.

Kyzer, Levi D., Pvt.

Kyzer, Paul H., Pvt.

Little, James J., Pvt.

Lowery, Joel Barton, 3rd Sgt.

Lowery, Sampson L., 2nd Cpl.

Lucas, Rufus L., Pvt.

McCulley, Jason M., Pvt.

McElroy, W. H., 3rd Cpl.

McElroy, William, Pvt. [born May 17, 1830 Bibb Co AL - died Feb 12, 1912; buried Yellow River Cemetery, Lilburn GA, headstone; Anna McElroy; home page]

Martin, Allen, Pvt.

Martin, Godfrey, Pvt.

Massey, John J., Pvt.

Meadow, Martin Van Buren, Pvt.

Meriwether, Robert T., Pvt.

Mink, Elias M., Pvt.

Mitchell, John H., Pvt.

Moore, Thompson, Pvt.

Nash, John W., Pvt.

Nelson, Daniel J., Pvt.

Nelson, James J., Pvt.

Nelson, Levi W., Pvt.

Nelson, William H., Pvt.

Nolen, Myrick, Pvt.

Norwood, Samuel, Pvt.

Owens, William, Pvt.

Owens, Aquilla, Pvt.

Owens, Henry, Pvt.

Pearson, William, Pvt.

Submitted by William Perry:
Perry, Joseph C., Pvt.: Joseph Calvin; enlisted March 1862, died 4 Nov 1863 (Lynchburg, VA)

Perry, Levin, Pvt.: enlisted March 1862, died 24 March 1863 Chimorazo Hospital (Richmond, VA)

Perry, M. W., Pvt.: Milton W.; enlisted April 1862, wounded at Campbell Station, captured at
New Market Heights, spent remainder of war as POW in PA, died after 1920 in OK

Perry, W. B., Pvt.: William Bryant; enlisted April 1862, wounded at Chickamauga, present for surrender;
died 28 Nov 1922 (Bibb County, AL)

Pettway, John H., 2nd Lt.

Pratt, Marshall J., Pvt.

Pritchard, Norris, Pvt. (William Norris)

Ratliff, Ivan, Pvt.

Reach, James C., Pvt.

Reach, Theophilus, Pvt.

Seamon, Edward, Pvt.

Shamblin, William, Pvt.

Sherbert, John Sumner, 3rd Cpl.

Sherbert, Nathan A., Pvt.

Sherbert, William F., Pvt.

Smith, Charles C.,

Smith, Eli, Pvt.

Smith, William Redmon, Pvt.

Smith, William Riley, Pvt.

Stalkman, John, Pvt.

Stephens, William D., Pvt.

Tate, James M., Pvt.

Thompson, Nathan A., Pvt.

Vernon, Thomas J., Pvt.

Waggoner, Elisha J., Pvt.

Wallace, Algernon S., 2nd Cpl.

Ward, John P., Pvt.

Williams, Elias M., 4th Cpl. [Note: Captured at Gettysburg and sent to Fort Delaware; he was exchanged a year later. Chuck Kostmayer

Williams, James H., Pvt.

Windham, Mustan J., Pvt.

Woods, Felix G., 1st Sgt.

Woods, Robert E., 3rd Cpl.






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