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29th Alabama Infantry, Co. H

If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please submit to the link below and I will add them to the "Soldiers" section.

Barrett, W.R.

Bell, J. F. M.

Bradford, L. J.

Broadhead, John W.

Brooks, F. M.

Brown, Berry G., Capt. - killed at Nashville

Brown, Enock H.

Brown, W.H.

Caldwell, D.E.

Caldwell, James

Caldwell, John

Carlin, James

Carter, James

Childress, D.J.

Childress, Robert B.

Clemens, George

Coker, Joseph

Compton, David

Compton, Manley B.

Cooper, William C.

Conoley, Louis A., Lt.

Cost, Pinkney [captured at Big Shanty, GA on June 15, 1864; Andrea Gilbreath]

Cottingham, E.D.

Cottingham, James M.

Cox, Gary Latham

Cox, James D.

Cox, Newton

Culp, G.W.

Culp, J.A.

Davenport, F.M.

Davenport, G.A.

Davenport, G.W.

Davis, Booker

Dean, Elija

Edwards, Isaac E.

Edwards, William S.

Ellis, Thomas

Evans, Isaac

Farhee, Noah

Findley, James G.

Fitts, Henry Oliver

Fitts, John H.

Foshee, Harrison

Foshee, Joseph W.

Foshee, Noah

Fulgham, James

Gardner, Alfred V. - wounded at Resaca and Franklin

Garner, James

Garner, Lewis

Geasling, Newton (Geeslin)

Geasling, William (Geeslin)

Goodwin, John Griffin, L. J.

Hall, Samuel

Ham, M.

Ham, W.S.

Hamilton, M.F.

Hammon, S. 

Hare, Henry 

Harrison, W.D.

Hayes, Thomas B. 

Hayes, W.T.

Hays, Edward 

Hays, William

Henderson, F. W.

Hester, W.T.

Hicks, Andrew J. 

Holsumback, M.W.

Hooks, J.A.

Hubbard, W. N.

Jones, H. John 

Langford, John

Langford, L.T.

Langston, John A., Pvt., killed at Resaca (additional info provided by Herb Langston)

Langston, Morrow D., Pvt. (first name provided by Herb Langston)

Latham, Benjamin

Latham, Hugh, Capt. - died in service

Latham, J.W.

Latham, Samuel

Lawley, A.C.

Lawley, J.W.

Lawley, William

Lawrence, J.M.

Lawrence, M.N.

Lawrence, W.L.

Lawrey, J.N.

Leach, J.H.

Lee, Nathan E. 

Lolley, William

Lovejoy, H. 

Martin, Benjamin F. 

Martin, I. N. 

Martin, James E. 

Martin, J. C.

Martin, J. N. 

McBride, H. 

McCarey, Benjamin H. 

McCarey, Sinclair D. 

McCrary, Erastus A. 

McCrary, James M. 

McDonald, Weston 

McDaniel, William 

McDaniel, W. P.

McKee, John 

McKee, W. G. 

McQueen, Malcolm D. 

Merchant, W. S. 

Milford, John, Lt.

Mims, G.

Mintz, Nathaniel

Moore, Isaac

Moore, Noah 

Mosley, Columbus L. 

Mull, Solomon Jackson 

Oakley, P. A.

Oakley, R. H., Lt.

Palmer, W. F.

Pannell, A. H. 

Parker, Needham 

Parker, William 

Pierce, R. W. 

Poole, George

Posey, F. M. 

Posey, S. Marion 

Rasberry, E. J.

Rasberry, P. C. 

Rasberry, W. G. 

Rasberry , W. G. Jr.

Rea, C. H. 

Rea, William J. 

Romanger, C. 

Romanger, Levi

Rottenbury, John M. 

Scoggins, Henry Clay, Pvt.

Smelley, J. T.

Smith, Duncan

Smith, George W.

Smith, John

Smith, Joseph

Smith, L. J.

Smith, Thomas J.

Smitherman, George

Smitherman, James

Smitherman, Jesse

Smitherman, John

Smitherman, J. P.

Smitherman, J. W., Lt.

Smitherman, Noah B.

Smitherman, Newton

Smitherman, Thomas

Smuler, Newton

Spiva, Nathaniel

Starr, Elbert S.

Starr, James W.

Starr, Elbert S.

Starr, W. F.

Steele, F. H. H.

Steele, G. W. L.

Steele, T. H.

Steele, W. M.

Trucks, James C.

Tyus, Clem

Walker, John Franklin

Walker, John H.

Wallace, Isham

Wallace, T.

Wallace, T. C.

Wallace, Thomas

Watsetly , T. J.

Weaver, B. F.

Webb, James A.

Whatley, Tilmon J.

Whatley, Ransom

Whidley, Richard B.

Williamson, H. W.

Wilson, James

Wooley, J. W.

Wooley, Andrew J.

Wooley, C. L.

Zachary, J. C.





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