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11th AL Infantry, Co. F, "Bibb Grays"

The 11th Alabama Infantry Regiment was enlisted June 17, 1861, at Lynchburg, VA, with 972 men. The following men served in this company. The companies were raised in Bibb, Clarke, Fayette, Greene, Marengo, Perry, Pickens, Tuscaloosa, and Washington counties. If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please send it to me using the link below. [Source: Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System]

Abney, Zachariah

Alexander, A. M.

Alexander, Abney U.

Alexandria, A. U.

Arnold, Albert

Arnold, Elbert

Ashe, W.C.

Avery, Arthur W.

Avery, Henry W.

Barnes, J.C.

Barnes, James P.

Barnes, Martin V.

Barton, Richard

Bowers, Richard

Bowline, W.R.

Bowling, William R.

Brady, M.

Brasell, Green W.

Brassell, Green W.

Brazile, G.W.

Brown, David

Brown, David L.

Brown, Jessee M.

Brown, Richard

Brown, W.A.

Brown, W.D.

Brown, William H.

Brown, William W.

Caddell, Benjamin F.

Caddell, Joseph C.

Calley, D.M.

Campbell, Robert

Carson, Milton J.

Childers, William M.

Chism, James D.

Clemnel, G.E.

Cochrane, David L.

Corley, Daniel

Corley, David M.

Cornegay, Barney S.

Davidson, James L., Capt.

Davidson, Samuel W.

Davis, Henry

Davis, John M.

Digby, John H.

Edwards, Perry

Espey, Pilgrim Adolphus

Fitts, Oliver

Fondron, John B.

Foster, Andrew J.

Franklin, Gillis

Frassir, Lafayette W.

Gainer, B.W.

Gardner, B.W.

Garner, Andrew J.

Garner, Brantley W.

Garnett, A.J.

Garnett, B.W.

Gass, J.T.

Goodson, J.R.

Goodson, Rufus G.

Goodwin, Henry C.

Goodwin, Mardes G.

Goodwin, Martin G.

Goss, Fletcher

Goss, J.F.

Gracie, A.J.

Green, William N.

Griffin, David A.

Griffin, William

Hamilton, J.F.

Hamilton, John D.

Harding, Samuel

Hardy, Jacob B.

Henry, John C.

Henry, Patrick C.

Hill, A.P.

Hill, James

Hill, John S.

Hiller, G.E.

Hogan, Marion

Hogan, Richard

Holmes, Jordon

Horn, E.L.

Horn, Leslie L.

Irwin, C.W.

James, A. F.

James, Absalom

James, Frederick

Jarvers, C. J.

Jarvis, C. E.

Jarvis, Carter

Johnson, John W.

Johnson, Oliver

Kennedy, Josiah H.

Klenner, G.

Kornegy, Barney

Lathem, Wesley E.

Lee, F. N.

Lee, Fulton M.

Leopard, John C.

Lidsey, D.

Lightsay, M.J.

Lightsey, Daniel E.

Lightsey, David E.

Lightsey, Martin N.

Lightsey, Moses J.

Lowry, Charles C.

Lynch, David

Madkins, W.W.

Malberry, J.D.

Mayberg, Jacob

Mayberry, George L.

Mayberry, Jacob Dennis, Pvt., b. 24 June, 1844, Bibb Co AL. Enlisted 8 Mar 1862 in Centreville. Paroled 9 June 1865 Fort McHenry, MD

McArther, P.R.

McArthur, John D.

McCraw, James M.

McCraw, M.C.

McGraw, M. C.

McGrull, M. C.

McMelen, John

McMellen, John

McMillen, John

McMillion, John

Moon, Martin J.

Moore, M.J.

Moore, Sydenham

Morrow, William W.

Moses, J. F.

Moses, John T.

Murphy, J.

Nance, P.M.

Oldham, Marion, volunteered 1861, wounded in the seventh day battle and died in Richmond, VA

Owen, Thomas R.

Owen, William R.

Pearce, Pleasant L.

Person, James W.

Person, Willis D.

Persons, James W.

Persons, Willis D.

Philips, T.N.

Phillips, F.M.

Phillips, N.

Phillips, Thadeus M.

Pierce, Plesent L.

Platt, B.T.

Platt, Bryant L.

Poisell, G.M.

Potts, Henry R.

Potts, P.H.

Powel, D.M.

Powell, General M.

Powell, Marien

Quinn, Chesterfield W.

Raifield, Thomas

Rasburr, T.

Raspbury, Newton

Raspbury, Richard F.

Raspbury, William R.

Rayfield, Thomas

Right, S.H.

Risinger, John C.

Robertson, Jessie J.

Roper, Thomas F.

Rowen, W.

Sanford, Benjamin F.

Sanford, S. B.

Scaff, W. C.

Scaggs, H. A.

Scoggin, W.W.

Scoggin, William W.

Scroggins, William W.

Skaggs, H.A.

Skleys, H.A.

Smelly, David W.

Smelly, James W.

Smelly, John H.

Smilley, J.H.

Smilley, J.W.

Smith, Cadir M.

Smith, Cadis M.

Smitherman, Charles

Smitherman, Newton H.

Smitherman, Peter

Smitherman, Thomas J.

Smithman, Charles

Snead, William J.

Sneed, David V.

Sneed, William J.

Spinks, Jasper

Spinks, Newton

Stacy, Ervin

Stacy, Irvin

Stanley, Asa A.

Stemson, Zemiah

Suttle, James N.

Suttle, William J.

Sweet, J.S.

Tayloe, George E.

Taylor, George W.

Taylor, Jacob J.

Taylor, Lewis

Thomas, D.M.

Thomas, Elias M.

Thompson, Thomas H.

Vale, J.M.

Vance, B.N.

Vance, Phillip M.

Vance, Phillip N.

Wadkins, W.W.

Wagener, James

Waggoner, James M.

Wagoner, E.J.

Wagoner, J.M.

Wagoner, John

Walden, Able A.

Walder, W.W.

Watkins, William W.

Webb, Columbus

Wilson, J.

Wilson, William J.

Wiltson, W.J.

Winship, Lucius A.

Witherspoon, William D.

Woodruff, George F.

Woodson, George W.

Wooley, Green B.

Wright, John W.

Wright, Simpson M.

Wright, Young B.R.





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