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William Smitherman

Family of William Smitherman, Sr
Died: 1822 Bibb County, Alabama
By: Margie Nell Smitherman

It is not known why William left Randolph County NC and brought all his children and their families with him to Bibb County Alabama, except for the one son Samuel who remained in NC [per estates]. Of the various branches of the Smitherman family this is perhaps the most documented of all. It seems that you cannot pick up a court book or marriage book in Bibb Co. and not find information on the descendants of William SR.

William Smitherman Sr. departed this life in 1821/22 Bibb Co., Alabama. At the time of his death it was listed in administrative records that "the widow and relict of the said William Smitherman had departed this life before the decease of the said William Smitherman". Nothing is known about who the wife/wives of William Smitherman Sr. were. There has been much speculation but no one has located any proof as to name. Some have even listed Anna as his wife. He did have a son William whose wife was named Anna, but there is no evidence to support him ever having been married to an Anna. According to the estate of Wiliam Smitherman Sr. and the later estate of his son Jesse Smitherman [died without legitimate heirs] he had the following children:

1. Samuel Smitherman. Samuel died 1836 Troy, Montgomery County North Carolina. Per William Sr.'s estate his eldest son was Samuel who in 1822 was a non-resident of this state. According to Jesse Smitherman's final estate settlement in 1863 Samuel had the following heirs who were all residents of North Carolina: Noah, Jesse, Polly, and Nancy. Many researchers have got this Samuel and his 1st cousin Samuel W. b. 1789 NC [son of Thomas Sr.] confused.

2. Catherine Smitherman According to census records Catherine was born ca 1778 VA/NC. She married William Latham Sr. and moved with her father and siblings to Bibb Co., Al. where she died before 1863. At the time that her father's estate was being settled in Bibb Co. her husband's estate was also being settled. Catherine had 12 children. In 1863 only 3 of her children were listed as still living.

3. Margaret Smitherman Margaret was married twice. She married 1st Willie R Goodwin on 25 October 1828 in Bibb Co., Al. She married 2nd Hardy Davis on 8 November 1836 in Bibb Co., Alabama. Margaret had 3 children: Rebecca Ann Harriet Goodwin who married John Cox. Bodecia Ann Davis who married Granderson Smitherman [son of Samuel W. b. 1789 NC], and Lavinia Catherine Davis who married James William Smitherman [son of Jesse b. 1807 NC].

4. Sarah "Sally" Smitherman Sarah was born ca 1780 NC. She was married twice. Her 1st husband was "unknown" Smitherman with whom she only had 1 child Nancy. This is per her estate and her son-in-law Branson Lawrence who was also her stepson was the administrator. Much has been published incorrectly about her first marriage and the number of children. There was only 1 child listed who was a Smitherman, in both her estate and her brother Jesse's estate. She married 2nd Edward Lawrence on 16 February 1816 in Randolph Co., NC

5. Elizabeth Smitherman Elizabeth was born ca 1785 NC and died after 1863. She married Benjamin Tucker. This family lived in Bibb Co., Al

6. William James Smitherman Jr. William was born ca 1787 NC, and died 14 November 1860 in Bibb Co., Al. He has 2 estates filed in Bibb Co., Al. one under the name of William Smitherman and the other under James Smitherman both with the same heirs and widow. His wife was Anna [maiden name unknown]. After the death of William his widow Anna married Rev. Julius Webb in Bibb Co., Al.

7. "Polly" Smitherman b. ca 1788 NC and died before 1863. It is assumed that she died in Mississippi, probably in Clarke Co. Polly was married to Lawrence Latham. According to her brother Jesse Smitherman's final estate she had the following children who were all non residents of Alabama: Nancy, Sarah, Patsy, Betsy, William, Jesse, and James.

8. Jesse Smitherman  was born ca. 1790 NC and died after 1860 Bibb Co., Al. and before 1863. His widow was Phereby. Jesse died according to his will "without legitimate heirs". It was his estate that has helped to clear up a lot of incorrect assumptions and listed all the children and most of the grandchildren of William Smitherman Sr.

9. Joseph Smitherman  was born ca. 1794 NC. Joseph married 1st before 1818 to "unknown". He married 2nd to Sarah Latham on 25 October 1827 in Bibb Co., Al. He had at least 6 children by his first wife and 4 by Sarah Latham. His children by Sarah Latham: Joseph B., Sarah [who married Andrew Tucker], John D. and Thomas J. [this is Judge Thomas J Smitherman, attorney].

10. Andrew Smitherman  was born ca. 1800 NC, died 1867 Bibb Co., Al. Andrew has 2 estates the first in located in Bibb Co., Al. and was filed in 1867. His second estate was probated in 1911 in Chilton Co., Al. Andrew was married 3 times. He married 1st Ruthy Wilson on 5 Nov. 1822 Bibb Co., Al. daughter of Rev. War soldier John Wilson. He married 2nd Margaret Wilson on 7 January 1836 in Bibb Co., Al. who was a sister of Ruthy. Andrew married 3rd Lucinda Bishop on 25 February 1862 in Bibb Co., Al. Andrew and Lucinda did not have any children.

11. Massina Smitherman, or Sinah as she was called was born ca. 1802 NC and died August 1874 in Bibb Co., Al. She married Eliah Jones on 7 January 1826 in Bibb Co., Al. She and Eliah went to Georgia where their children were born. Massina had the following children listed in her estate: Harriett Ellen Jones wife of Isaiah Belvin, Margaret Jones wife of C. C. Latham, D Bailor Jones [married Nancy Ann Smitherman], Susan A E Jones married "unknown" Johnson [at the time of her mothers death her heirs resided in Twiggs Co., Ga. In Twiggsville. 

12. Nancy Rebecca Smitherman was born ca. 1808 NC and died 5 April 1855 in Cherokee County, Texas. She married Alfred Atkinson/Atchison.

Sources: Estate of William Smitherman Sr. 1818 Bibb County, Alabama Orphans Court Book. Jesse Smitherman final estate settlement microfilm #1031285.






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