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William & Ann Lenoir

Submitted by Margie Nell Smitherman

William Thomas Lenoir was born between 1790-1800 [according to the 1830 & 1840 US Bibb Co., Al. Census records. State of birth is unknown since he died prior to 1850 and there is no other record which lists this information]. He departed this life 3 February 1849 according to his estate. We know that he & his wife Ann were residing in Bibb Co., Al. as early as 1825 if not before. If the state of birth is correct on their son Robert Calvin they were in Alabama as early in 1820. In his will William Lenoir is listed as Senior. With that being the case we know that he had a son named William whose middle name was Thomas. William Lenoir was a Justice of the Peace as early as August 1824.

It is not known who the parents of William Thomas Lenoir were. The name William was a very common name among the Lenoir family. This fact makes determining whom his parents were more difficult. It should also be noted that there were actually two William Lenoir's in this area and both were about the same age [which adds to the difficulty in determining whom his parents were]. The other William Lenoir lived in neighboring Dallas County, Alabama, and according to his tombstone was born 1791 Sumter District, SC., died 26 May 1856. He was actually William R. Lenoir. William Thomas Lenoir does not have a marked tombstone that has been located.

According to vouchers located in the William Lenoir loose papers [Bibb Co., Al.] he had numerous business dealings in Dallas County, Al. There was a running account with P A Weaver Company in Selma, Al. After his death his widow kept this account open and was making charges on it as late as 1853. William Lenoir and his family lived in the area of Bibb County that we know today as Maplesville. His property as best I can tell intersects with present day US Hwy. 82, and Alabama Hwy. 22.

William Lenoir purchased the following land patents:
1. SE ¼ of SE ¼, Section 28 Township 21-N Range 12-E on 1 October 1835 which consisted of 39.85 acres [US Government Land Office Records]
2. SW ¼ of NE ¼ Section 33 Township 21-N Range 12-E on 1 October 1835 which consisted of 39.81 acres [US Government Land Office Records]
3. NE ¼ of SE ¼ Section 29 Township 21-N Range 12-E on 20 May 1837 which consisted of 39.775 acres [US Government Land Office Records].

During his lifetime William Lenoir acquired a very sizable estate. The executors on his estate was his widow Ann Lenoir, John H Hicks [son-in-law] and Willis Lenoir [son]. According to vouchers on William's estate filed in Bibb Co., AL. [voucher #29 filed 19 May 1853] his widow Ann paid 503.39 to build a new house.

Voucher #30 in 1853 was for $100.00 paid to Eliza J Parnell & John Parnell under the will. Voucher #31 was for #100.00 to L F Lenoir under the will. Total vouchers paid for the year 1853 was $1,486.77. Income for 1850 through 1853 from the estate was $1,231.55 [which included sale of cotton crops, board of hands, and rent of slave Will in 1851 to Alex Smith and 1852 to A Findley]. [per Bibb County Administrative Record Book G pages 363 & 364.]

William Lenoir was married to Ann [maiden name unknown]. According to the 1830 & 1840 US Bibb Co., AL. Census records she was also born 1790-1800. In the 1850 US Bibb Co., AL. Census she was listed as Ann age 52 female, farmer with property valued at 610 and that she was born in NC.

According to vouchers on William's estate filed in Bibb Co., AL. [voucher
#29 filed 19 May 1853] his widow Ann paid 503.39 to build a new house.

"List of the personal property and real estate of William Lenore deceased
28 head of cattle at $3.00 per head $84.00
1 lot of hogs $40.00
1 bay horse $60.00
1 sorrel mare $30.00
1 lot of sheep 17 head $21.25
280 bushels of corn at $.40 cents per bushel $112.00
4000 lbs. fodder at 75 cents per hundred $30.00
28 lbs. Pork at 3 cents per lb. $84.00
1 Yoke of oxen & cart $45.00
1 lot of farming tools $25.25
1 log chain $2.50
1 grine stone .50
1 lot of pot ware $7.00
1 lot of water vessels $2.00
1 lot of Tine ware $4.00
1 loom & harness & ?layers [? Spelling] $12.75
2 side saddles & 2 bridles $13.00
1 mans saddle & bridle $3.00
3 spinning wheels & reel $8.00
1 lot of jugs & _____ $5.00
2 Surveying compass & 1 chain $10.00
6000 lbs. Of seed cotton at $1.50 per hundred $90.00
1 sideboard & contents $7.00
1 chest $2.50
1 clock $5.00
1 bed & furniture $40.00
5 beds & furniture $170.00
2 riffle guns $10.00
14 chairs $7.00
TOTAL $930.75

[page 2]
2 pair of fine dogs $3.00
1 trunk $4.50
2 trunks $4.00
1 Library of books $20.00
1 sage & contents $20.00
3 Tables $4.50
1 Looking glass & 4 ban Boxes $3.50
203 Acres of land at $2.50 per acre 507.50
1 Negro boy Jack $650.00
1 Negro boy Wiley $750.00
1 Negro boy Perry $600.00
1 Woman Cillar $175.00
TOTAL 2,742.00
Amount Beat over 930.75
Amount in full $3,672.75

State of Alabama, Bibb County. We the undersigned person do hereby certify that we have appraised the estate of William Lenore deceased on the third day of February 1849 and that the above is a true list of the said estate sworn to and subscribed before me.
Elijah Parnell
Turner M Goodwin
William Kinnard"

The following persons made purchases: H Brown, A Mahan, Samuel Randall, T R Brown, Turner M Goodwin, Norris Goodwin, Jasper Goodwin, G W Tucker, Elijah Parnell, R C Lenoir, N J Peoples, James Ickes, T S Driskill, Matthew Tool, A C F Smith, Jesse Mahan, George Boling, Wiley Gandy, Hugh Jones, Wm J Norris O F Dudley, Joseph Franks, E P Goodwin, P J Weaver, Wm. Kinnard, Turner Goodwin, Thomas Lenoir, D M Loyd, ___ Morrow, and J W Hayes.

Three years later Ann [late Ann Lenoir] married ELIJAH PARNELL on 10 January 1856 in Bibb Co., Al. Recorded in Marriage Book "E" page 141. They were married by D M Loyd, M.G. [According to information from Parnell researchers, Ann and Elijah got a divorce. I have not seen documentation of this at the present.] In the 1860 US Bibb Co., Al. Census Ann was not living in the household of her husband. I have not been able to locate her in any 1860 US Census. In 1861 Elijah Parnell and wife Ann [?] Lenoir Parnell deeded land to William Thomas Lenoir [this would be Jr. who was a son of William & Ann].

In the 1870 US Baker Co., Al. Census we find her listed as Ann Goodwin age 66 female, keeping house, born NC. Living with her at that time was her granddaughter Evaline Lenore [daughter of Willis Lenoir]. ANN LENOIR PARNELL on 26 June 1866 Bibb Co., Al. married Y G GOODWIN [listed on marriage license as Ann Parnell]. They were married by Justice of Peace R D Hicks. [Marriage Book "E", page 393. "R C Lanoir etals Joint Owners" October 1880, in Chilton County Probate books listed the children of William Lenoir as joint owners in the property that was known to have belonged to William Lenoir. Petition stated on page 181 that these were joint owners by reason of being the heirs of ANN GOODWIN]. With the remainder of Williams' estate that was to stay together during the natural life of his widow Ann being entered for probate in Oct. 1880, it is safe to state that Ann "Unknown" Lenoir Parnell Goodwin died about October 1880.

WILLIAM LENOIR loose papers on file Bibb County, Alabama.
"Maplesville, Bibb County Alabama
To the Honorable Jno W Suttle Judge of Probate of Bibb County.

Dear Sir our domestic affairs are such that it requires our attention at
home, and we have concluded to resign our executorship on the Estate of William Lenoir deceased and you will please accept this as our resignation and oblige your ____ servants and we would respectfully _____ to you to appoint Robert C Lenoir Administrator of Said Estate.
February 13, 1856

Ann Parnell
John H Hicks"

"The State of Alabama Bibb County.
This day personally appeared before me David E Davis an acting Justice of the Peace in and for said county. Ann Parnell late Ann Lenoir and John H Hicks and acknowledged before me that they signed the above letter of resignation of Executorship of the Estate of William Lenore deceased. Given under my hand this 13th day of February 1856
David E Davis JP"

8 October 1880, Chilton Co., Alabama Special Term. Recorded in Probate Record Book pages 179-183 "R C Lenoir etals Joint Owners".
Pages 181 & 182 [Note: I have capitalized the names for ease of reference, they were not capitalized in the original document.]

"To the Hon. H J Callen Judge of the probate court of said and State respectfully represents unto your honor that your petitioner R C LANOIR inform unto your Honor. That R C LANOIR your petitioner who is of full age and residing in Chilton Co., Ala. MARTHA HICKS wife of John H. Hicks of full age and resides in Bibb County, Ala. JANE PARNELL wife of John Parnell of full age and resides in Chilton County, Ala. EVELINE GANDY, wife of Henry H Gandy and resides in Chilton County, Ala. MARGARET WHITE, wife of D A White of full age and resides in Chilton County, Alabama. The heirs of WILLIS LENOIR viz.: EVELINE BOWLINE wife of W A Bowline, JANE LAWRENCE wife of William Lawrence of full age and resides in Chilton County, Ala., HENRY LANOIR of full age and resides in the State of Texas, MARTHA LANOIR of full age, residence unknown. The heirs of JULIA ALEXANDER consisting of four children whose names unknown. The heirs of W T LANOIR deceased, viz.: ROBERT LANOIR, JOSEPHINE LANOIR, ------------- [cannot read name], LULA LANOIR, WILLIE LANOIR, IDA LANOIR and WILDER R LANOIR minors under the age of twenty one years and reside with their mother REBECCA A ROSS in Chilton County, Alabama, are joint owners or tenants in common of the following described lands lying and being situated in Chilton County, Alabama, described as follows: N E ½ of S E ¼ Section 29. N W ¼ of N E ¼ Section 33 part E ½ of S W ¼ Section 28. S W ¼ of N E ¼ Section 33, all in Township 21 Range 12. Your petitioner further shows unto your honor that the lands above described cannot be equally divided or partitioned between the joint owners thereof. "

[NOTE: on page 182 it listed that citations be served on Alexander and Steel who are the guardians of the heirs of Julia Alexander.

CHILDREN of William & Ann Lenoir:
1. Robert Calvin Lenoir born 11 November 1820 [per tombstone], died 16 November 1891 [per tombstone] and is buried at Isabella Church Cemetery, Chilton Co., Al. He was married 3 times. His 1st wife was Emaline Jones whom he married 6 Jan. 1848 in Bibb Co., Al. Robert Calvin and Emaline were the parents of 9 children. Robert married 2nd wife Mrs. Celia Rasberry Garner [widow of Andrew Jackson Garner]. They were married 11 Feb. 1867 in Bibb Co., Al. [Bibb Co. Marriage Book "E", page 425]. Celia died 30 December 1869 and is buried at Old Rasberry Family Cemetery, Chilton Co., Al. To them was born 1 child, James Henry "Jim" Lenoir b. 2 Feb. 1868, d. 13 Nov. 1894. "Jim" is also buried at Isabella Church Cemetery, Chilton Co., Al. Robert Calvin Lenoir married 3rd Mrs. Mary Jane Rasberry Oden [widow of P M Oden, and sister of Celia Rasberry Garner his 2nd wife]. They were married 8 Jan. 1871 Chilton Co., Al. by, A M Caton J P. They had 2 children Martha "Mat" born 1873/74 and John Luther b. 16 Oct 1876 [per tombstone].

2. WILLIS M/W LENOIR born abt. 1822 or 1825 [listed as age 25 in 1850 US Shelby Co., Alabama Census]. He married Margaret Gambol on 18 Dec. 1846 in Shelby Co., Alabama. They had 4 children, EVELINE b. 17 May 1852 [married William Anderson BOWLIN], MARY JANE b. 1848 [married William S LAWRENCE], MARTHA, and HENRY. His son Henry moved to Texas before 1880.

3. LEWIS F LENOIR born unknown. [According to the 1830 US Bibb Co., AL. Census there were 2 sons ages 5-10. We know that one of those children was Willis and the other was probably Lewis. In the 1840 those same 2 sons were listed as 15-20.]. Lewis was listed in the original estate as being a resident of Clarke County, Alabama, he died in 1856. [Bibb Co., Al. Administrative Record Book "I" page 164, dated 3 June 1859]. Lewis apparently died without heirs as there are none listed in his estate. Robert C Lenoir was the administrator on this estate.]

4. MARTHA ANN LENOIR. born 21 July 1824 [per tombstone. Martha died 6 October 1882 [per tombstone] and is buried at Rehobeth Church Cemetery, in Bibb Co., AL. Her tombstone lists that she was "wife of John H Hicks", "daughter of William and Ann Lenoir". Martha Ann and John H had 10 children. one of whom was my great grandmother. She married John H Hicks on 27 Feb. 1840 in Bibb Co., Al.

5. EVELINE LENOIR b. ca 1825 [In 1850 she was listed as age 23,in 1860 US Bibb Co., AL. Census she was listed as age 35]. Married 19 August 1852 in Bibb Co., Alabama to Henry H Gandy. Children were [according to US Census records] 1. William R b. 1853, 2. N Margaret b. 1855, 3. John H Lafayette b. 5 April 1860 [per tombstone. Married Willie Smitherman, daughter of Rolley & Mary Fitts Smitherman], 6. R R b.1862 [male], 7. Thomas b. 1865, and 8. E D born 1869.

6. ELIZA JANE LENOIR born 1 Sept. 1828 [per tombstone] died 12 Jan. 1899 [per tombstone], and is buried at Stanton Church Cemetery, Chilton Co., Al. She married John Parnell on 18 January 1849 in Bibb Co., Al. John's father was Elijah Parnell. Eliza Jane and John had the following children, 1. Parmelia "Amelia" b. 1850 [married J H Rasberry], 2. William Lewis b. 1852 [married Eliza Harris], 3. Thomas Daniel born 6 Sept 1856 [per tombstone. Married Nannie Martin], 4. John R b. 1859, 5. Lucy R b. 1861, 6. Walter Jefferson b. 1862or 1863 [married Annie M Carter] 7. Dr Charles Nichols Parnell b. 3 Sept 1866 [per tombstone. Married Francis Kay Foshee and m2. Lucy Lenoir], 8.Luther C b.5 April 1868 [per tombstone], 9. Henry b. 1871, and 10. Moody F b. 18 Feb. 1873 [per tombstone. Moody married Adele Jemison].

7. MARGARET SILVY LENOIR born 12 December 1830 [per tombstone], died 23 January 1908 [per tombstone] and is buried at Mulberry Church Cemetery, Chilton Co., Alabama. She was married twice. Her first husband was Basil Wooley Jr. They were married on 30 January 1851. Margaret Silvy and Basil had the following children, 1. Anna J E b. 1858, Della Mae b. 1854 [married Lawson Palmer], Mary C b. 1854/55, Pinkney L b. 1856, Elizabeth A b. 1858, Francis B born 6 May 1862 [married Robert J Williams] and Jason b. 1868. [All dates of birth was taken from census records unless otherwise listed different]. After Basil's death she married David A White [per R C Lenoir etals joint owners].

8. WILLIAM THOMAS LENOIR born 1832/35 [listed in 1850 US Bibb Co., Al. Census as age 18, tombstone lists year of birth as 1835], died 12 January 1871 [per tombstone] and is buried at the Goodwin Family Cemetery in Maplesville, Alabama. He married Rebecca Latham [daughter of Rolly Latham and Mary Ann Smitherman and this is per the estate of Rolly Latham recorded in Chilton County, Alabama]. William Thomas and Rebecca had 7 children, Robert C b. 1863, Josephine b 1864, Lula R b 1865, William C b. 1867 [married Annie Rebecca Keener] Wilda Rebecca, and Donie Ross Lenoir, Ida Viola b. 1868 [married David Mackby Apperson]. In the 1880 joint owners document Rebecca is listed as Rebecca A Ross. After the death of William Thomas Lenoir she married John Ross in 1876 and W A Weaver on 2 Feb 1883.

9. MARY FRANCIS LENOIR born about 1835 [1850 US Bibb Co., AL. Census listed as age 15]. She married James A Bill [could possibly be HILL] on 9 Feb. 1854 Bibb Co., Al. It should be noted that she was not listed in the R C Lenoir etals joint owners nor did she have any children listed which leads me to believe that she had died prior to 1880 without issue.

10. REBECCA JULIAN BROWN LENOIR b. about 1839, married D C Alexander on 28 September 1856 Bibb Co., AL. by W I Cockran M G. In the 1880 joint owners document she was listed as deceased with four children and that papers were to be served on Alexander and Steele who were legal guardians of the said children. I have not located any document which lists the names of the heirs of Rebecca Julian Brown Lenoir Alexander. The names are not found in any of the loose papers in Bibb County and there are no loose papers in the Chilton County file.

SOURCES: Will of William Thomas Lenoir Sr., William Lenoir loose papers located in Bibb Co., Al., US Census records 1850-1880, Bibb Co., AL. marriage records, Shelby Co., Al. marriage records, R C Lenoir etals joint owners filed in Chilton Co., Al., and cemetery information.






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