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John Clinton Hicks & Addie Hicks

Submitted by Robin Robinson

The Hicks House
742 Walnut Street - Centreville

The two-story house was built in 1897 by Mr. J.C. Hicks and his wife Addie. About two years after they were married, Mr. and Mrs. Hicks rode by this location and Mrs. Hicks noticed the Oak grove and commited about a lovely place to build. They bought the land and built the home which was white with dark mahogany trim in the begining. The front entrance hall has a lovely stairway leading to bedrooms on the second floor.

Here is a picture of the Hicks House at 742 Wlnut St. in Centreville AL. People standing on the porch are (Left to Right) Mary Frances Sim, Oakley and Fielding Oakley, Addie Julie Oakley, Hicks and John Clinton Hicks. The little girls left to right are Curtis Laddell, Hicks, Carrie Rozelle Hicks, and Glennice Grance Hicks in buggy.

Each room, has the original mantels and about the only changes have been the addition of french doors in the center hall, an extra bath, front porch was enlarged and a back porch was added. Mr. Hicks was a teacher in Bibb County for over fifty years.

He served as Superintendent of Education for two terms and also was a farmer. Mr. Hicks was a graduate of Howard College. Mr. Hicks was a teacher at Centreville Academy and at Ashby for several years. Mrs. Hicks went to Tuscaloosa Female College. Their children wer Rozelle (My Great Grandmother), Curtis, Glennice, Iris, and Vera. They had two boys that died as infants. All five girls were teachers. The home has been in the Hicks family ever since it was built.



John Clinton Hicks and Addie Julia Oakley, Hicks. With their children (from left to
right) Curtis Laddell Hicks, Carrie Rozelle Hicks, and Glennice Grace Hicks.

Carrie Hicks

Carrie Rozelle Hicks

About 7 years old.

Reddend Hicks

Redden Defayette Hicks

Father of twin boys, John Clinton Hicks, Harvey Lumas Hicks.

Jack Hicks

Oldest Member of Bibb County Teachers Passes Away

The death of Professor Jack C. Hicks marks the passing of Bibb County's Dean of Teachers. In his earlier school days, Mr. Hicks attended the school taught by Captain Pratt, at Six Mile. He was a graduate of Howard College of the Class of 1895. The same year, he, with Professor Jessie D. Cooper, organized the Centreville Academy, a school which taught High School and Junior Colege subjects. The site of the school was where the house of Mr. Ollie Oakley stands today.

The greater part of the life of Mr. Hicks was given to teaching in the public schools of Bibb, Jefferson, Shelby, and Autauga counties. He taught for 57 years. He also served as Superintendent of Education of Bibb County, and was elected to the office for several terms. "Unlce Jack" as he was known to his many friends, retired from his active service two years ago. Always he emphasized the fundamentals of education and the proncipals of right and justice. His influence will live on in the lives of the many young people with whom he came in contact.

Signed - Bibb County Teachers Association. Mrs. H.F. McCord Secretary.


Glennice Grace Hicks, 1901-1981. Middle Child of J.C. and Addie Julia Oakley, Hicks.


Vera Vista Hicks. Youngest Daughter of J.C. and Addie Julia Hicks. 1911 - 2007

Oliver C. Oakley

Oliver Clark Oakley, Sr. son of Fielding Oakley and Mary Frances Sims Oakley

Unknown Hicks Man

I found this picture in with my Great Grandmother's picture (Carrie Rozelle Hicks) I do not know who he is nor does anyone in the family. Can you post it for me and see if anyone identifies him? I have already put it on facebook. This handsome guy is either from the Hicks family or the Oakley family of Bibb County, Alabama.

Lawrence, Edwards & Hicks Reunion 1989
Lawrence, Edwards & Hicks Reunion 1989

Hicks Reunion 1984  Hicks Reunion 1984





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