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Bryant Lee

Probate of Bryant Lee

Submitted by Becky Madruga

Bibb County, AL Estate Files.
Bryant Lee Box 10 Folder 28.
J. C. Lee admin.
Bond of Bryant Lee decd. 
Recorded in Book K of admin accounts pages 529 and 530.
T. J. Smitherman, Judge of Probate.
Entered pages 4.22 in October. 
State of Alabama, Bibb County. 
Know all men by these presents that we John C. Lee, J. S. Gardner, J. H. Moore, and J. N. A. Brown are held and firmly bound unto Jackson Gardner Judge of Probate Court of the County aforesaid, in the sum of thirty six hundred dollars, to be paid to the said Jackson Gardner or to his successors in office to which payment will and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly, severally and firmly, by these presents:  Sealed with our seals and dated this 14th day of  October AD eighteen hundred and seventy two.  The condition of the above obligations is such:  That whereas, the above bound John C. Lee is duly appointed administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of Bryant Lee decd.  Now if said John C. Lee shall well and truly perform all the duties which are, or may be by law required of him as such administrator then the above obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force.  Signed, sealed and acknowledged in open court before me.  Approved the 14th day of October 1872. Jackson Gardner, Judge of Probate.  Signed: J. C. Lee, Jno. S. Gardner, J. M. Moore, JNC Brown.Item 1 ~ E.E. Lee Consent not to Probate Will Bryant Lee. October 5, 1872 We hereby resend the will of our father by mutual agreement between us.  Signed J. C. Lee and E. E. Lee.Item 2 ~ Bryant Lee appraisal bill. Recorded in Book K Admin acc pages 530. Thos J. Smitherman, Judge of Probate.  State of  Bibb County, October 18, 1872.  The following is a true invoice of goods and chattels belonging to the estate of Bryant Lee deceased as under said:
One cow and calf  16.00
One pale red cow  15.00
One red heifer    7.00
One brindle bull    7.00
One red sided cow  15.00
One Ivory back sur  15.00
One red bull  15.00
One pony mare  100.00
One lot corn  1.00 per bushel
120 acres of land  800.00
Signed Ervin Stacy and Alex Avery Jr. and J N Nabley? The of above is a true praise bill signed and sworn to before me the day and date above named. Signed Jackson Gardner, Judge of Probate.  Signed J. C. Lee admin.Item 3 ~ J. C. Lee petition to sell personal property.  Recorded in Book K acct page 530 Thos. J. Smitherman, Judge of Probate. 19th October 1872, Order Granted page 422.   The State of Alabama Bibb County.  To Jackson Gardner, Judge of Probate the undersigned administrator of the estate of Bryant Lee decd respectfully shows that said decd died possessed with the following personal property to viz cows , 1 mare, and some young cattle and that the same is perishable and likely to waist and prays your honor to grant him to sell said property for the payment of accounts accrued 12 months.  Sworn to before me the 19th October 1872.  Jackson Gardner, Judge of Probate.  Signed J. C. Lee.Item 4 ~ Sale Bill of Bryant Lee decd. Recorded in Book K administrator accts page 380.  Thos. J. Smitherman Judge of Probate. 26th February 1873. entered Page 23 and 39. M. Connell acc sent to him also the note.  November 16, 1872.  account of sale of goods and chattels belonging to the estate of Bryant Lee deceased.
J. C. Lee 1 pony   65.00
E. E. Lee 1 heifer yearling  13.00
J. C. Lee 1 cow   14.00
E. E. Lee 1 yearling     5.00
J. C. Lee 1 bull     5.00
Eady Stacy cow and calf 13.00
Henry Avir 1 lot tools    1.30
  (total)  $116.30
Sworn to before me in open court this 26th February 1873. Signed Jackson Gardner Judge of Probate.  Signed J. C. LeeItem 5 ~ heirs Bryant Lee deceased estate of account for final settlement.  Filed September 10th 1880. Thos. J. Smitherman, judge of probate.  Entered in minute book L page 691, 702 and 703.  Recorded in Book K admins accts page 530. Thos. J. Smitherman Judge of Probate. Set to 11th October 1880.. J. C. Lee in account concerning on final settlement of his administration upon the estate of Bryant Lee decd.
November 16 for admin of sale bill  116.50
By total debts      15.26
The total just for distribution   101.04By oduis? Cost      5.81
Court cost on final      9.45
  (total)   15.26
the following is a correct list of the heirs of said estate to wit
J.C. Lee – Effe Oaglesby wife of Oaglesby – all of full age and all residents of Bibb County, Alabama. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 10th day of September 1880.  Thomas J. Smitherman, Judge of Probate.






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