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Thornton Fancher

Will of Thornton Fancher

Submitted by Martha Smith

The Estate of Thornton Fancher deceased.

From the Probate Court - Bibb Co, AL October 22, 1898

To the Hon. N. H. Thompson, Judge of Probate.

The undersigned A. J. Day and P. A. Wood of your petitinners by appointment of this Court as executors of the Estate of Thornton Fancher deceased would respectfully represent unto your Honor, that the said deceased died seized of the following described lands situated in said County and State to wit:

The west half of the South quarter of section 5, township 23, Range 12E.

The North East quarter of South East quarter of section 6, township 23, 12 East.

The North West quarter of the North East quarter of section ______ township 23, range 12 East in Bibb County, Alabama

Your petitinners further state that the names, ages, residences and __ of the heirs of said estate are as follows, to-wit:

Daniel/David Fancher British Ala. age 30, married (1868)

Pheoby Oakly, age 58 British, Alabama (1840)

Yance Fancher, age 56 Wilders, Shelby Co. (1842)

Colonel Fancher, age 54 " " (1844)

Nennis Coulin, age 52 " " (1846) (This was my Great Grandmother)

(Nancy Carden----)

James Y. Fancher, age 48 " " (1850)

Jane Hosten, age 46 Poplar Springs, MS (1852) (Holsten)

Leonie Walston, age 44 Randolph, Alabama (1854) (Holsten)

Maggie Smitherman, age 40 Polk, Dallas Co. (1858)

Sallie Day, age 38 British (1860)

Liv____ Putt_n, age 35 " (1863) (?)

Lula Simms, age 33 " (1865)

Further alleges that the said lands cannot be equitably divided among said heirs and that without a sale thereof, and therefore, prays that for the purpose of making such division your honor will grant and order directing petitinrers to sell the lands herein - before described and will make each futher orders herein as may be by law required and to your honnable Court may seem ______.

A. J. Day

P. A. Ward

from Ms. Ellison's book on Bibb Co. - "British"

British Post Office was established Dec. 10, 1892 with Frank Nelson, Jr. as postmaster.

Other appointees were Henry C. Fancher - March 4, 1895 and Elijah B. Hilliard - Dec. 27, 1895.

On April 28, 1902 the name was changed to "Sparks". Hilliard continued.

On May 17, 1902 the name was changed to "Fernwood". Hilliard continued.

On April 21, 1905 the office was discontinued and mail sent to Randolph.

Probate Court - Special Term 1899

January 30, 1899

In the matter of the estate of Thornton Fancher deceased...

Present the Hon. W. L. Pratt, Judge of Probate..

This day being set to hear and pass upon the acount heretofor filed by A. J. Day & P. A. Wood as the Executors of said estate for final settlement of his administration thereof; now comes the said A. J. Day and P. A. Wood and moves the Court that their said account may be passed and allowed. And, if appeaing to the Court that _____ entice of the time and nature of this settlement has been given by publication for three successive weeks in the Centreville Press a newspaper published in this County.

The Court proceeds to examine said account and to consider the proof relating thereto: wherefor it is shown and appears that said administrator has received of the assets of said estate the sume of 720.40 dollars in money. and that he has justly expende in and about the costs and charges necessary and incident to said administration. the sume of 170.08 dollars leaving a balance of 551.39 dollars for distribution among those entitled and said account being full and correct.

It is decreed by the Court that said account be, and the same are hereby, in all things, passed and allowed, as above stated And is futher appeaing to the Court, that such decedent left him surviving no widow and 12 children children namely: Phebe Oakley, Yancy Fancher, Nan Fancher, Colonel Fancher, Jim Fancher, Jane Fancher, Lavini Fancher, Maggie Smitherman, Sallie Day, Francis Pullen, Lula Sims, Dave Fancher and by the will of said Thornton Fancher be directed that Frannie Pullen wife of James Pullen have in addition to her share of said estate the sum of 69. dollars and the balance 582.39 dollars left after deducting the amount of said Fannie (Francis) Pullen is to be divided into 12 equal parts; and each of said children is entitled to have the sume of 40. dollars paid to them respectively that being their share of the said balance left after paying the said Fannie Pullen the amount provided by said will.

It is therefore adjudged and decreed that said Phebe Oakley do have and receive of said A. J. Day & P. A. Wood as such executors the said sum of 40.19 dollars and the said :

Yancey Fancher,

Nan Fancher,

Colonel Fancher,

Jim Fancher,

Jane Fancher,

Lavnnie Fancher,

Maggie Smitherman,

Sallie Day,

Fannie Pullen,

Lula Sims &

Dave Fancher

do each have and receive from the said A. J. Day & P. A. Wood the said sum of 40.19 dollars for which executiors may issue as follows:

it is futher ordered that all accounts, vouchers, __ and statements on file, relating to this and any fomer settlements and all other paper writings on file respecting said estate, be recoreded....

W. L. Pratt, Judge of Probate, recorded January 31, 1899........


This transcription was generously donated to me by -- PAULA FAYE FANCHER, 5/2001

All spelling is original to the document. Any further comments or addenda are noted by me with ( ).

Martha Smith, 6/27/2001






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