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Richard Fancher

Will & Estate of Richard Fancher

Submitted by Paula Fancher

His will was written on June 22, 1847....

Richard Fancher died on August 21, 1849....

His will was recorded on Sept. 3, 1849.....

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The State of Alabama ] I Richard Fancher of the County & State aforesaid Bibb County ] do hereby make & ordain this to be my last Will& Testament

Item 1
It is my will & desire that all my estate both real & personal be
set up & sold to the best advantage by my executor herein after named
/ except a negro girl by the name of Elvira / & the following distribution
made of the proceeds thereof

Item 2
It is my will that five hundred dollars of the proceeds of the sale
be put at interest for the use & benefit of the children of my deceased daughter Polly Davis until the youngest of them becomes of age then the principle & interest to be equally divided amongest them

Item 3
To my Grand son James M Fancher
I give one hundred & fifty dollars but it is my will that out of that sume my executor shall pay my son Elijah Fancher one hundred & eighteen dollars this being a sume of money that he has had & received of my said son Elijah the balance being thirty two dollars which I wish to be paid by my executor as soon as convienent

Item 4
To my two Grand daughters Mary Ann & Eliza
daughters of my son Henry Fancher deceased I give one hundred & fifty dollars each also to be paid by my executor as soon as convienent

Item 5
To my beloved wife Mary Fancher
I give the negro girl Elvira above named & the one eight part of the sale of my estate after the above legaces & expenses are deducted during her life or widow hood

at the eapiratoy? of which the said negro girl I wish sold by my executor to the best advantage & the amount which sale of said girl together with the one eighth part of the sale of my estate to be equally divided amongst my sons John James Elijah & Jeremiah & my daughters Sally Nancy & Becky

Item 6
I give unto my sons John James Elijah & Jeremiah Fancher
& my daughters Sally Fonville Nancy Boaze & Becky Pool
each the one eighth part of the sale of or amount of sale of my estate after the above legacy & all expenses are taken out

Item 7
It is my will that three hundred dollars be taken out of Becky Pools part / the amount Jason Pool is owing me & equally divided amongst the other seven hairs

06-22-1847 - cont

Item 8
It is my will and desire that out of my daughters Sally share
that my grand children Richard Fonville Mary Lindsey and Wesley Fonville children of my said daughter Sally draw thers propotionable part of her legacy out of my executor's hands as soon as convinient

I appoint Henry Carleton my executor to this my last will and testament

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal
this 22nd June 1847

The word Sally enter lined before signed

Signed in present of us his
Richard x Fancher (seal)

E M Carleton
A A Carleton
Wm L Camp
Elisha Fancher
Benjamin Fancher


The State of Alabama] Personally appeared before me the undersigned an Bibb County] acting Judge of Bibb County Court

the aboved named Edward M Carlton
Elisha Fancher
Benjamin Fancher

three of the subscribing witneses to the foregoing will who being first duly sworn deposath and saith that they saw Richard Fancher whose name is subscribed thereto sign seal and d____ the same to be his last will and testament

That they these depomants subscribed there names as witnesses thereto in the presince of the said testator & that they saw A A Carlton & William L Camp the other subscribing witnesses sign the same in the presence of the said testator & in the presice of each other on the day & year therein named

It is therefore ordered adjudged and considered by the Court that the said Will be and the same is established as the last Will & Testament of said Testator & admitted to probate as such & ordered to be recorded

Given under my hand this 3rd day of September 1849

Williams Caddell
Judge of Bibb County Court

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The inventory and appraisment of the Estate of Richard Fancher, dec.

1 Negro boy named - Alford 730.00
1 Negro boy named - Levi 700.00
1 Negro boy named - Isaac 630.00

1 Negro woman - Beggy & two youngest children
named Puss & Polly 800.00

1 Negro woman – Chany 600.00

1 Negro girl - Jane 600.00

1 Negro boy - Henry 600.00
1 Negro boy - David 500.00

1 Negro girl - Amanda 400.00

1 Negro boy - Frank 330.00
1 Negro boy - John 300.00

1 Negro girl - Damaris 230.00
1 Negro girl - Patsey 230.00

2 steer $18.00 16 head of other cattle $50.00 68.00
30 head hogs $1.50 45.00
14 do do * .75 10.50
1 roan mare 52.50
1 dark bay mule $60.00 = 112.50
1 waggon & streachers 45.00
1 gray horse mule-$30 pr; 1 whiti mule/(mare) $10 40.00

1 lot of pot ware & 1 pr hooks 5.00
2 sything cradles $5.00 & 2 water pails 2/ 5.50
5 axes $5.50; 2 iron wedges & drawing knife 1.25 6.75
3 plough stsches & hoes & 1 harrow 4.00
5 pr plough gears $500 & 2 matox & 4 hoes $250 7.50
1 lot of plough hoes $6.00; 5 clives & singh trus $3.00 9.00
l large lot of old iron 5.00
122 lbs iron $6.10; 1 pr stutzasds $1. 25 7.35
1 raw hide $1.00; 1 cutting box $2.00 3.00
3 empty barrels /75; 1 coffee mill $1.25 2.00
1 saddle $10.00; 1 half bushel .25 10.25
3 Gums & 2 boxes $1.25; 2 spinning wheels $4.00 5.25
1 wood clock $10.00; 1 fire shovel .50 10.50
1 small shot gun $5.00; 1 pr fin dogs $1.25 6.25 87.35

1 Lot Books $3.00 2 Jugs & Tea Kittle $2.25 $ 5.25
1 Wash pan & tribit .50 5 chairs $1.25 1.75
1 Slab & furniture $3.00 2 Tables $2.00 5.00
2 Sits knifes & fork $2.00 3 empty barrels .75 2.75
1 Chest $1.00 1 Trunk $1.00 2.00
1 Bed Bed Stand & furniture 30.00
1 do do do 15.00
1 do do do 15.00
10 Bushels oats more or les in the sheaf 5.00
35 Bundles fodder $1.00 35.00
1 Head sheep $6.00 1 side saddle $10.00 16.00

The State of Alabama ] We the undersigned appraisers appointed by the Bibb County ] Orphans Court of said county
do certify the above Inventory and appraisement is
correct as far as has been shawn us by the executor

Given under our hands
this the 8th day of Sept 1849

John Gray
Thomas B Bankston
Mick Branner
Elisha Fancher

The State of Alabama ] I do hereby certify that the above persons whose Bibb County ] names are subscribed was duly sworn before me

Given under my hand
this 8th day of Sept 1849 C F Clabaugh
Justice of the Peace

Back of Document:
Sworn to and subscribed before me this the
11th day of September AD 1849 H Carleton Exect

Jno W Suttle Clk

Received examined accepted and ordered to be entered of record
this 19th day September 1849 Williams Caddell
Judge Bibb County Court

No 480
Richard Fancher

Recorded in Book F
on pages 428 to 429





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