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Smith Family

Submitted by Jacque Otts.

Below are some misc. notes concerning various SMITH families in Bibb Co. 
Since Jonathan Newton was administrator of the estate of Abington/Avington
Smith, I believe he is probably a son of Abington's and does not belong to with the Uriah Smith family.  My time at the courthouse was short and I was not able to go through as many of the old books as I had hoped.

Orphans Ct Book A, 1846

p. 7 - 8
List of property of the estate of Adam Smith by ? Harrison?, John Brown,
William Garner. 28 July 1846.

p. 75 - 76
Oct 23, 1846. Account of sale of property from estate of Adam Smith (some
purchasers - Cornelius Latham, John Smitherman, Daniel Caldwell, W. V. Brown,
Joseph Smith, Jacob Smith, Enoch Smith, John Smith, Margaret Smith, Thomas
Smith, James Rea, Thomas Smitherman, Israel Standerford, Wm. Coker, Enoch
Morgan, W. D. McDuffee, Theophilus Rea, Elizabeth Smith, Ephraim Martin, John
Costs, other names I couldn't read.

p. 211 - 212
Oct 18, 1847. Joseph Smith and Jacob Smith appointed administers of John

p. 368 - 369
January 25 1849. John Smith, administer of estate,  presents vouchers for
final settlement of estate of Adam Smith. He has received from Jacob and
Joseph Smith the amount of the sales of the real and personal property sold
by John Cost, the former administrator - Ten hundred and twenty five and 39 ½
cents ($1025.39). Final settlement and distribution to be on 4 Monday January


p. 63 - Nov 1, 1824 - Fanny Smith, widow and relict of Alexander Smith produced in court an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of A. Smith. James Smith relinquished the special bequest made to him.

p. 65 - Last will and testament of Alexander Smith proven on last regular session. On the motion of Fanny Smith, she is appointed executrix.
p. 66 - appraisers appointed for estate of A. Smith.

p. 72 - inventory and appraisement of estate of Alexander Smith presented to court by Fanny Smith, executrix. (Note: unable to find specific date.)

p. 83 - Monday 3 Oct. 1825 - Fanny Smith, exe of estate of Alexander Smith ordered to present accounts before the Judge on first Monday in Jan. next for audit and allowance.

p. 157 - Special Term 1827 Summons issued for James Smith, Alexander Smith, Jonathan Smith and Nathan Daily and wife to be and appear in court on first Monday of May next to produce in court the last will and testament of Fanny Smith, deceased.
p. 161 - May Term 1827 - James Smith produced a bill of sale for a certain family of negroes which was all the property or estate of Fanny Smith.

Minutes Book C

p. 179 - Orphans Court Dec. Special Setting 1843 Jonathan N. Smith asked for letters of adm. On estate of Abington Smith. Letter granted.
p. 205 - Jonathan N. Smith, adm., of estate of Abington Smith asked court to authorize him to sell all personal effects at public auction.
p. 206 - March 18, 1844 - J. N. Smith made return of the debts due and owing the estate of Abington Smith.

p. 247 - Jonathan N. Smith, adm., of estate of Abington Smith, said that estate was insolvent. There was no real estate.

p. 258 - Estate of Abington Smith declared insolvent.

p. 427-428 - Orphans Court July 6, 1846 John Cost/Cast applied for letters of adm. On estate of Adam Smith, dec.

Minutes Book E,

p. 338-339,
Probate Court Special Term, April 24, 1854 
Jonathan N. Smith to file account and vouchers for allowance and finalsettlement of estate of Abington F. Smith, dec on or before 4 Monday May next.

p. 357 - 
Probate Court Special Term May 22 1854
Jonathan N. Smith, adm of estate of Abington F. Smith filed accounts and vouchers.

p.369 - 372
Probate Court Special Term June 19 1854 - Est. of Abington F. Smith
List of creditors and distribution of money. See Admins. Rec. Book G, p. 583

Miscellaneous Rec. 1, p. 292 - 300
Affidavits concerning property owned by J. N. Smith.
Affidavit from Tom Smith lists heirs of J. Newton Smith as Mary Smith (married Frank Fitch), Sallie Smith (married Dr. Oscar Whitfield), Charleton G. Smith (married Margaret Pearl Davidson), and Exekiel Smith (married Hattit Timberlake of Virginia). He states that all 4 of the Smith heirs are deceased. Mary Smith Fitch had no children. Sallie Smith Whitfield had one heir, Newton R. Whitfield; Charleton G. Smith and wife Margaret had 4 children (Dorothy J. Newton, Francis and Margaret Smith). Dorothy married B. M. Angell, Margaret married Lewis C. Worthington. Ezekiel M. Smith and wife Hattie had one child - Emma who married a Mr. Caffee. J. N. Smith, Sr., died about 1885. Tom further states that he is a first cousin to the children of J. Newton Smith, Sr. and that their fathers were brothers. Dated 10 Nov 1943. 
Affidavit from Margaret S. Worthington - Her parents Charleton G. Smith and Margaret Davidson Smith, both deceased. She was named for her mother - Margaret Powell Davidson. She married Lewis C. Worthington. Father died in testate and left surviving him 4 children - Margaret S. Worthington, Mrs. B. M. Angell aka Dorothy S. Angell, J. Newton Smith, and Francis C. Smith.
Dated 10 Nov 1943
Affidavit from James L. Davidson of 4154 Cliff Road, B'ham, AL. Jonathan N. Smith died intestate about 1885. His heirs were Mary S. Fitch, daughter, wife of Frank Fitch; Sallie Whitfield, daughter, wife of Oscar Whitfield; Charleton G. Smith, and Ezekiel McLemore Smith, sons of said deceased. Ezekiel McLemore Smith and wife Hattie T. Smith had one daughter, Emma, who
married F. Maynor . Caffey. Only living heir of Sallie Whitfield is Newton Whitfield. Heirs of Charleton G. Smith were Newton Smith, Francis Smith, Mrs. B. M. Angell, and Margarette F. Smith. Charleton and Ezekiel Smith both dead more than 20 years.  He is well acquainted with family. His sister was wife of Charleton G. Smith, deceased. That he is an attorney and has advised and offered counsel to the Smith family. Lands of J. N. Smith described as sec. 21 and 22, SW Quarter Sec. 15, T. 24 N., R. 11 E. Charleton G. Smith property described as secs. 22 and 15, T. 24, R. 11 East, Bibb Co., AL containing approximately 277 acres known as the Furnace Branch Bottom lands. Mary S. Fitch property desc. as located in sec. 14, 15, 22, and 23, T. 24, R. 11 E., Bibb Co., AL containing approx. 641 acres. Charleton G. Smith died intestate
about 1928.

Administrators and Executors Settlements, Book A,

p. 359
J. W. R. Smith adm. Of estate of Uriah Smith. Submits to court report for Sept. 1898 to Feb. 17l, 1900.
Heirs of Uriah Smith on p. 364, 17 July 1900 - W. R. Smith aged 32 residing in Blocton; Mattie Pounds, age 29, residing in Blocton, R. M. Smith, age 26 residing in Blocton; Mary Sansing age 21 residing in Blocton; Joe Smith age 16 residing in Blocton, Alexander Smith, age 14 residing in Blocton. Each heir received $187.69.
Heirs listed in Administrators Account Record Book L, 1858-1865, p. 711 dated 28 Nov 1899  - J. W. R. Smith, Mrs. Mattie Pounds, Mrs. Sallie Sinsing, Ruthey Smith, Joe Smith and Alexander Smith.





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