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Orphan's Court

Submitted by Dawn Driskell & Jacque Otts

Orphans Court 1818, p 12 - Application of Isaac Gentry. Ordered by the court that Isaac Gentry be appointed guardian of Martha Hubbard, John Hubbard, Elizabeth Hubbard, Amos Hubbard and William Hubbard, infant children of David Hubbard, deceased, under the age of 14. Allen Gentry security.

Orphans Court 1818, p 18 - Catherine Latham, widow and relict of William Latham, deceased, appeared in open court and relinquished her right to administer the estate of her deceased husband. William Gardner/Garner by right of affinity did in like manner and John Lawley next of kin by right of affinity. Court appointed James Latham, brother of deceased, and Joseph Smitherman, brother of the relict.

Priscilla Johnson is appointed guardian of Alfred A. Johnson, Polly M. Johnson, Wilford G. Johnson, Harriet M. Johnson, Sarenia Jane Johnson, Josiah F. Johnson, Nancy Bashti Johnson, and Sion L. Johnson, infant orphans of Josiah Johnson, deceased, under 14. Securities: Luke Johnson, Robert B. Pate. July 2, 1832.

Bibb County Orphan's Court, Book A, page 82:

September 5, 1825...Citations issued to Nancy Johnson, widow of Benjamin Johnson, late of Bibb County, deceased. Solomon, Josiah, and Luke Johnson, and George Trucks and wife Sally, Edmund Johnson and wife Nancy, widow and kindred of deceased.

Bibb County Orphan's Court Book A, page 159:

April Term 1827...George Trucks, guardian of William, Nancy, Sarah, Melchi, and Edmund Johnson, infant heirs of Edmund Johnson, deceased.

Bibb County Orphan's Court Book A, page 160:

April Term 1827...Final settlement of the estate of Benjamin Johnson, deceased. Nancy Johnson, Administratrix. Heirs are: Edmund Johnson and wife Nancy; Josiah Johnson; Solomon Johnson; George Trucks and wife Sarah; Luke Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Malichiah Johnson, and Edmund Johnson, children of Edmund Johnson, deceased, who was a son of said Benjamin Johnson, deceased.

Bibb County Orphan's Court Book B, page 86:

October 24, 1821...Edward Johnson (also written Edmund Johnson), deceased. Luke Johnson, Admr. Securities: Solomon Johnson and George Trucks. Account of sale: Sally Johnson, Joseph Johnson, only purchasers. $1.50 was owed by Grief Johnson.





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