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Mastin Jeremiah Fuller

Court Petition by N.H. Rice to Declare Mastin J. Fuller as Non Compos Mentis

Submitted by Katherine Danner

This document was found in a folder titled "Fuller, Mastin J." in the basement of the Bibb County Courthouse Annex.

The State of Alabama
Bibb County

To Jno W Suttle Judge of Probate for said county your petitioner humbly Represent to your honor that Maston J Fuller a Resident of Bibb County residing a Little over Eight miles from Centreville Supposed to be about 49 years of age who has a wife and nine children Eight under age a good portion of whom are helpful also that the said Mastin J Fuller is in very Low Circumstance in a pecuniary point of view that your petitioner believes that said Fuller is not of sound mind and is non compos mentis and further that your petitioner believes that the family of the said Fuller is in danger by Reason of the condition of the said Fuller Your petitioner further prays your Honor that a writ ipso to the sheriff commanding him to Summon a Jury to try the facts alleged in the petition and have the said Fuller Brott Before you at such time as you may think proper and try the facts in the petition.

N. H. Rice

The State of Alabama
Bibb County

Personally appeared before me Jno W Suttle Judge of Probate for said county N.H. Rice and made oath that the facts set forth in the foregoing petition is true as stated sworn to and subscribed before me this 15th day of May 1854.

Jno W Suttle Judge                   N.H. Rice
of Probate





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