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Index of Box 8 ~ H

If you would like copies of documents/ files in these boxes file - I charge $20 per CD - which includes shipping - it doesn't matter if there are 4 documents or 200 documents on the CD.

Paula Fancher

Box 8 Last Name First Name
Folder 1 Henry Elizabeth
Folder 2 Henry John
Folder 3 Henry Mariah
Folder 4 Herendon James
Folder 5 Herendon John
Foldr 6 Hestor Anderson
Folder 7 Hestor John
Folder 8 Hicks Elizabeth
Folder 9 Hickman Robert
Folder 10 Hicks Henry
Folder 11 Hicks Isaac
Folder 12 Hicks Jesse
Folder 13 Hicks John
Folder 14 Hicks R. N.
Folder 15 Hicks R. R.
Folder 16 Hicks Richard M
Folder 17 Hicks Stephen
Folder 18 Hicks William
Folder 19 Hill Jane
Folder 20 Hill Jane
Folder 21 Hill Catharine
Folder 22-1 Hill Pleasant
Folder 22-2 Hill Pleasant
Folder 22-3 Hill Pleasant
Folder 23 Hill R. D.
Folder 24 Hill Robert
Folder 25-1 Hill Robert
Folder 25-2 Hill Robert
Folder 26 Hodnett Henry
Folder 27 Hogan Archibald
Folder 28 Hogan John B
Folder 29-1 Hogan Marion
Folder 29-2 Hogan Marion
Folder 30 Holcomb Nora & Cora
Folder 31 Holley Archie
Folder 32 Hollingshead Benjamin
Folder 33 Holsomback Robert M
Folder 34 Horgrove Aaron
Folder 34 Horne Homer
Folder 35 Horn Isaac
Folder 36 Houghton Justin
Folder 37-1 Houston Samuel
Folder 37-2 Houston Samuel
Folder 37-3 Houston Samuel
Folder 38 Howard George
Folder 39 Hubbard Ausmus
Folder 40 Hubbard Early
Folder 41 Hubbard Elizabeth
Folder 42 Hubbard Mary C
Folder 43 Hubbard Minor
Folder 44 Hubbard Peter
Folder 45 Hubbard William
Folder 46 Hunt John
Folder 47 Hunt John
Folder 48 Hunt T. A.
Folder 49 Hunter Star






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