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Index of Box 6 ~ F & G

If you would like copies of documents/ files in these boxes file - I charge $20 per CD - which includes shipping - it doesn't matter if there are 4 documents or 200 documents on the CD.

Paula Fancher

Box 6 Last Name First Name
Folder 1 Fair Adam
Folder 2 Fairfax William
Folder 3 Fancher Early A
Folder 4 Fancher Elijah
Folder 5 Fancher H C
Folder 6 Fancher James
Folder 7 Fancher Lawrence D
Folder 8 Fancher Mood
Folder 9 Fancher Richard
Folder 10 Fancher Thomas M
Folder 11 Fancher Thornton
Folder 12 Fancher Walter E, Sr
Folder 13 Farmer Felix
Folder 14 Farrington Henry
Folder 15 Farquhar George
Folder 16 Ferguson Johnson
Folder 17 Fikes Michael
Folder 18 Findley Charles P
Folder 19 Findley C Grover
Folder 20 Finnen Joe
Folder 21 Fitch Frank
Folder 22 Fitts Reuben
Folder 23 Fitts Walker
Folder 24 Florion Barbara
Folder 25 Fondren D M
Folder 26 Fondren James
Folder 27 Fondren William
Folder 28 Foshee James
Folder 29 Foshee John
Folder 30 Foshee William
Folder 31 Foshee Wiley
Folder 32 Foster Ike
Folder 33 Fountain W T
Folder 34 Frazier Fannie
Folder 35 Fredrick Simpson W
Folder 36 Fredrick Stephen
Folder 37 Frost Sarah E
Folder 38 Freeman George
Folder 39 Frost William
Folder 40 Fryor Abraham
Folder 41 Fulgham Edmund
Folder 42 Fulgham John
Folder 43 Fulgham Michael
Folder 44 Fuller Lee
Folder 45 Fuller Mastin J
Folder 46 Fullman Alfred
Folder 47 Furgason Joseph
Folder 48 Gandy John
Folder 49 Gandy John
Folder 50 Gardner Jackson
Folder 51 Garner Andrew
Folder 52 Garner James Jackson
Folder 53 Garner John
Folder 54 Garner Anthony
Folder 55 Garner John
Folder 56 Garner Josphine
Folder 57 Garner Margaret
Folder 58 Garner William
Folder 59 Garner William






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