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Index of Box 3 C

If you would like copies of documents/ files in these boxes file - I charge $20 per CD - which includes shipping - it doesn't matter if there are 4 documents or 200 documents on the CD.

Paula Fancher

Box 3 Last Name First Name
Folder 1 Campbell Eligah
Folder 2 Campbell Henry
Folder 3 Campbell Isaac
Folder 4 Campbell Isabella
Folder 5 Campbell John
Folder 6 Cannon Luke P
Folder 7 Canterberry William
Folder 8 Canterberry Zachariah
Folder 9-A Carleton Henry
Folder 9-B Carlton Isaac S
Folder 10 Carleton Thomas
Folder 11 Carlisle G W
Folder 12 Carpenter Joe
Folder 13 Carsen Milton J
Folder 14 Carter Charles
Folder 15 Carter Samuel
Folder 16 Cash  W H
Folder 17 Cates Eleanor
Folder 18 - 1 of 2 Cates John
Folder 18 - 2 of 2 Cates John
Folder 19 Champion James
Folder 20 Chappell Louis
Folder 21 Childers John
Folder 22 Chism Dorinda
Folder 23 Chism J W
Folder 24 Christeff/Kristoff Pete
Folder 25 Christian William
Folder 26 Clark Alexander 
Folder 27 Clark Arthur
Folder 28 Clark J J
Folder 29 Clark John
Folder 30 Clark John
Folder 31 Clark Patric
Folder 32 Cleckler John
Folder 33 Cleckler Seaborn C
Folder 34 Clements Alfred
Folder 35 Clements Josephus
Folder 36 Clements Reuben S
Folder 37 Clements Stephen
Folder 38 Cleveland Friday
Folder 39 Cleveland Jackson S
Folder 40 Cleveland Lewis / Louis
Folder 41 Cleveland Martha
Folder 42 Cleveland Mary Ann
Folder 43 Cleveland Martin T, Jr
Folder 44 Cleveland Melford L, Sr
Folder 45 Cleveland Oliver C
Folder 46 Cleveland Robert W
Folder 47 Clifton William L
Folder 48 Cobb Alexander 
Folder 49 Cobb Gray H
Folder 50 Cochran  W F
Folder 51 Coker Thomas
Folder 52 Colburn Henry






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