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Index of Box 14 ~ Q & R

If you would like copies of documents/ files in these boxes file - I charge $20 per CD - which includes shipping - it doesn't matter if there are 4 documents or 200 documents on the CD.

Paula Fancher

Box 14 Last Name First Name
Folder 1 Quinn O S
Folder 2 Quinzy Lester
Folder 3 Ragland Benjamin
Folder 4 Ragland William
Folder 5-A Ragsdale Grief
Folder 5-B Ragsdale Suny
Folder 6 Randolph G B
Folder 7 Rasberry B T
Folder 8 Rasberry Green
Folder 9 Rasberry William
Folder 10 Ray Columbus
Folder 11 Ray James
Folder 12 Rea Rachel
Folder 13 Rea Luke
Folder 14 Rea, Jr Luke
Folder 15 Reach Charles
Folder 16 Reach Charles F
Folder 17 Reach Henry
Folder 18 Reach Jeremiah
Folder 19 Reach Nimrod
Folder 20 Reeves W T
Folder 21 Reeder David
Folder 22 Reese George
Folder 23 Reevers Henry
Folder 24 Reeves Malachiak-1851
Folder 25 Reeves Malachiak-1878
Folder 26 Reeves Oscar
Folder 27 Regetie Marchi
Folder 28-1 Reid James
Folder 28-2 Reid James
Folder 29 Reid Sarah
Folder 30 Reynolds Henry A
Folder 31 Reynolds Justice
Folder 32 Rice Shadrack
Folder 33 Rice William
Folder 34 Rich Terry
Folder 35 Richardson John
Folder 36 Richards Susan
Folder 37 Richey John
Folder 38 Ricks A B
Folder 39 Riggins Littleon
Folder 40 Riley Mary
Folder 41 Risinger  J
Folder 42 Risinger  Jordan
Folder 43 Roberts Thomas
Folder 44 Robertson Jim
Folder 45 Roberson L V
Folder 46 Robinson Dan
Folder 47 Robinson Taylor
Folder 48 Rodgers John S
Folder 49 Rokbitch ?
Folder 50 Rolen Albert
Folder 51 Ross T J
Folder 52 Rotenbery H J
Folder 53 Rotenberry Presley
Folder 54 Rotenberry R J
Folder 55 Rucker  Mary
Folder 56  Rucker  Wilton






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