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Yeager Family Graveyard

Submitted by Elizabeth Yates "Betty" Johnson

The Yeager Family Graveyard on Perdue property is 6 1/2 miles SW from Brent at SE corner of AL. 25 and Co. Hwy 80. The property is owned by Mrs. Jessie Caddell Perdue and her sons. Mrs. Perdue is in a nursing home in Centreville now. Her elder son, Tito, and his wife live across the road from the old house and cemetery. The little graveyard is beside the old house originally built by Mrs. Perdue's grandfather, Newton Jasper Yeager, and rebuilt after it burned by Mrs. Perdue's father Benjamin A. Caddell. The property originally belonged to Lewis Yeager, the father of Newton Jasper Yeager.

My husband and I so enjoyed our visit with the gracious Mrs. Perdue in 1994. It was such a beautiful day as she walked with us among the graves and talked about her grandparents Newton Jasper and Lucinda Tedders Yeager and her great-grandparents (my great-great-grandparents) Lewis and Anna Cammack Yeager. Jessie was 88 years old then but so neat and well groomed - and she said she loved Shakespeare!

 perduejessiecandoeyj.jpgMay 1994 of Mrs. Jessie Caddell Perdue and myself looking down at the gravestone of Lewis Yager in the Yeager Family Graveyard.

Mrs. Jessie Caddell Perdueyeagerhouse.jpg standing by the grave of her grandfather Newton Jasper Yeager with his house in the background.

There are 14 apparent graves, but only 5 still have markers. Howard McCord gives the names of 11 of those buried there in "The Baptists of Bibb County."

The marked graves are:

Yeager, Anna Cammack, Nov 19, 1807 - Jul 14, 1861, wife of Lewis

Yager, Lewis, Mar 18, 1794 - 26 Apr 1853, War of 1812 marker

Yeager, Miss Mary C. (Mary Casseline), Jan 5, 1861 - Oct 28, 1899, daughter of Newton J. and Lucinda T. Yeager

Yeager, Mrs. Newton J. (Lucinda Tedders), Jun 3, 1833 - Oct 1900

Yeager, Newton J., Mar 22, 1833, - Oct 15, 1917, son of Lewis and Anna

The other 6 graves that are known but not marked are:

Yeager, Baby Nora, 1889 - 1892, infant daughter of James Lafayette and Marietta Yeager

Yeager, Infant, daughter of Lewis and Anna Cammack Yeager

Yeager, Infant, son of Lula Yeager and James Richard Stewart. (Lula is youngest daughter of Newton J Yeager.)

Yeager, Israel Miles, Sep 16, 1825 - after 1900, son of Lewis and Anna Yeager

Yeager, James Lafayette, Apr 10, 1865 - Oct 15, 1890, son of Newton J. and Lucinda T. Yeager

Yeager, Mary Tedders, abt 1844 - before 1900, wife of Israel Miles Yeager





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