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Woolley Cemetery

To see a complete list of this cemetery, please go to Michele Jackson's site. This cemetery was at one time listed in Bibb County, but may now be in Perry.

Perkins, Mary Ann S., Nov 12, 1936 - 1925, dau. of Robert Adolph Woolley and Mary "Polly" White, wife of George Washington Perkins), Betty Marshall

Perkins, Robert Milledge, Feb 22, 1854 - Nov 28, 1912, son of George Washington Perkins and Mary Ann S. Woolley, Betty Marshall

Stone, Ruhama Jane Caldwell (Colwell), Feb 7, 1852 - Feb 3, 1924 at Barker Plantation, Bibb Co., Grace Swartz

Woolley, Robert Adolph, Feb 19, 1807 - Jun 12, 1876, son of Basil Andrew Woolley and Elizabeth Ann Boyd, Betty Marshall

Woolley, Mary "Polly" White, Jan 22, 1811 - Sep 11, 1876, wife of Robert Adolph Woolley, dau of Zachariah White and Susannah Benson, Betty Marshall





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