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Clark Cemetery

Photos submitted by Chuck Kostmayer

This cemetery is located deep in the woods on private property that may be leased to a hunting club. Chuck Kostmayer found the cemetery by using a guide and a four wheeler. Since there are very few headstones remaining in this cemetery, the directions will not be posted online. If you have an ancestor in this cemetery and would like directions, please contact Chuck.

Photo shows the cemetery from 20 feet away

Clark, Charles P., May 11, 1859 - Nov 11, 1859

Clark, J. J., born July 15, 1831 - died March 17, 1903, age 71 yrs 8 mos 2 days; closeup; footstone

Lawrence, Ely T., 1858-1890 [Source: "Cemeteries of Bibb County"}

Lawrence, Francis, 1888-1888 [Source: "Cemeteries of Bibb County"]

Lawrence, John W., 1886-1887 [Source: "Cemeteries of Bibb County"]

Lawrence, Sarah D., born March 24th, 1860 - died July 16, 1879

Mink, E. M., born Nov 2, 1828 - died Sept 26, 1889

Mink, Permelia F., wife of E. M. Mink, born Jan 2nd, 1834 - died Dec __, 1881





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