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Avery Graveyard

From Brent, take 5 south. Right on bear creek road. The dirt road entrance is unmarked, fenced off, and on the left hand side of the road. You walk this road about a 1/2 mile then begin climbing to the top of the mountain. The graveyard is on the very top of the mountain, and cannot be seen until you are right on top of the stones!

Submitted by Becky Madruga

There are at least 25 unmarked graves, possibly more.

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Avery, Alexander, b. 1/16/1804 Chesterfield District, South Carolina, d. 5/6/1875

Avery, Arthur, b. 1/17/1807 - d. 4/25/1883

Avery, Martha, d. 7/28/1900, w/o Alexander Avery

Avery, Caroline, b. 12/20/1857, d. 9/16/1884, w/o Alexander Avery

Avery, Columbus E., b. 12/12/1871, d. 8/5/1887, old marker

Avery, Henry, b. 4/8/1799 Chesterfield District, South Carolina, d. 3/1/1873

Avery, Infant daughter of A. and C. Avery, b. 7/19/1884, d. 9/20/1884

Avery, Infant of Alexander and Martha Avery, b. 3/10/1866, d. 3/24/1866

Avery, J. T. Sr., b. 11/28/1836 Bibb County, Alabama, d. 3/1/1889

Avery, Mary A., b. 12/6/1835, d. 3/9/1910

Avery, R. S., b. 2/2/1854, d. 11/12/1882

Avery, William, b. 1/26/1829, d. 11/12/1897

Perkins, N. J., b. 10/9/1856, d. 8/16/1880

Perkins, Richard D., daughter of M. and N. Perkins, b. 5/11/1878, d. 8/11/1881

Peters, Josie, daughter of Alexander and Martha Avery, and wife of H. A. Peters, b. 6/9/1858, d. 12/6/1887

Ragland, Carraline, b. 2/28/1828, d. 2/3/1903

Ragland, Samuel M., b. 1/12/1860, d. 7/22/1891

Ragland, W. P., b. 8/27/1819, d. 7/28/1890





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