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In the Internet world of genealogy research there are many websites and corporations that are for-profit and expensive. They hold records that are available in the public domain, but may be hard to find, hence they offer a convenient way to research. Unfortunately, they also offer data and family trees that have been uploaded by the general public. Many of these records contain errors, poor research, and few original sources. When beginners see these family trees with their own ancestors they joyfully believe that they have found the "mother lode" and copy the tree into their own. Like a computer virus, the error spreads exponentially as more and more people copy the false information. USGENWEB sites and other sites like these seek to stop the "virus," by compiling original documents, research, and sources. The rule of thumb for a serious genealogist is never copy information from another genealogists work without ORIGINAL sources and documentation. Citing and sourcing another persons famly tree isn't enough!
Original Sources are what GenWeb is all about!
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USGENWEB sites are volunteer based, and we depend on YOU to help. If you have original source material, transcriptions of original letters, historical documents, bible entries, ect., photographs and other information, please share these so that others will benefit from your research. Simply scan originals, or transcribe text and email it to me. Thank you and welcome to Barbour ALGenweb!
Welcome to the Barbour County Alabama USGENWEB Website! My name is Tracey Miller Karcher and I am your host while you are a guest here!
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